2 Obvious Ways to Improve the Chances of Keeping your Security Deposit

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Getting your security deposit back after moving out apartment is every renter’s dream. Having a little extra cash on hand is never bad, especially when you’re transitioning from one living space to another. Unfortunately, many renters lose their security deposit over completely avoidable mistakes. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the common reasons people lose their security deposit and how you can improve your chances of keeping the money you put down.

Keep your Flooring Clean and Damage Free

Let’s face it – flooring is probably the most heavily used (yet underappreciated) feature of any apartment home. Protecting your floor from heavy furniture, pets, and excessive wear and tear should be a top priority for anyone who is renting an apartment. Vinyl is often used in bathrooms and kitchens – despite being a durable floor covering, it can tear or warp if heavy objects (like chairs or furniture) is dragged along the flooring. Carpeting, on the other hand, is generally used in living and sleeping areas. Although it’s one of the most popular floor coverings, it’s incredibly easy to stain and notoriously difficult to clean.

To improve the chances of keeping your security deposit, it’s imperative that you keep the flooring throughout your apartment unit clean. Here’s a few tips for doing so:


Because carpets are made from fiber, they’re incredibly hard to clean thoroughly. Because of their ability to pollutants, carpeting is one of the leading contributors to indoor allergens. Households without any pets should vacuum once a week and hire a professional to steam clean the entire unit once a year. Families with pets (a dog or a cat) should vacuum every other day and have their carpeting professionally steam cleaned once every six months.


Many rental units have vinyl (or engineered hardwood) somewhere throughout the unit. If your home has vinyl flooring, keep it clean by sweeping daily and mopping once every week. If you have engineered hardwood floors, sweeping daily is essential and mopping with a very damp microfiber cloth should be done weekly as well.

Don’t Let Pets Damage Property

It’s hard to keep pets under control at all hours of the day, especially if you don’t work from home. Cats and dogs may behave differently, but they can both do some significant damage to your rental unit if they aren’t trained to respect their home. If you have pets who are already potty trained, teach them that the home’s structure and accessories (such as walls, cabinet drawers, and flooring) are not play toys.
Note: Pets that aren’t potty trained (or who have a pattern of destructive anxiety) would likely do better in a home with a yard – both for their sake and yours

Although there are dozens of factors that go into keeping your security deposit, the two we’ve mentioned in this post are the common reasons many renters don’t receive their security deposit. By keeping your rental property clean and free from unusual damage (and teaching your pets to do the same), you can enjoy a happy tenancy and increase the chances of getting the majority of your security deposit back when you move out.
If you have any questions about what condition your unit must be in to receive your deposit back, or to inquire about renting one of our luxury apartments in Waldorf, contact our team today at (240) 585-7100.

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