3 Non-Confrontational Ways to Handle Noisy Apartment Neighbors

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Although most Charles County, MD apartments offer restful communities, we’ve all had to handle noisy apartment neighbors from time to time. You know who we mean- whether you’ve experienced the generic “loud upstairs neighbor” who constantly stomps and drops things, or the barking dog next door that never seems to calm down, choosing how to deal with noisy apartment neighbors can be a really difficult decision. After all, the relationships you have with your community is valuable to you, and nobody wants to be viewed as “that guy who complained about us.” Here’s three ways you can handle noisy apartment neighbors without

How to Deal with Noisy Apartment Neighbors (Nicely)

  • Be a person first: It’s possible to handle a noisy apartment neighbor without getting your landlord involved. If you had a family gathering that was getting unintentionally loud, you would probably appreciate your neighbor speaking to you first before calling your apartment manager. Unless you’re overhearing a domestic dispute or other illegal activity (in which case it’s OK to call the police), it’s considered common courtesy to inform them of the noise level before speaking to your apartment manager. If you’re nervous to approach your neighbors while the noise level is loud, approach them the next day to discuss the situation.
  • Start Documenting Occurrences: A number of Charles County, MD apartments are multi-level buildings. Because neighbors tend to live on top of each other, noise from barking pets or weekly get together with friends can leak through the floor and into your unit. If a loud upstairs neighbor has repeatedly ignored your requests to lower their noise level, start documenting the days (and the duration) of their loud outbreaks. Then, send them a note with the number of their occurrences since you last spoke. If your apartment complex has thin walls, travelling noise may be something you have to live with. If this is the case, let your neighbors know (in person or in your note) that noise between certain hours is ok with you. If they agree to your suggestion, but continue to display inconsiderate conduct, you can proceed to step three!
  • Talk to your Landlord: If your neighbors are still unable to keep their noise level down after a verbal and written request, it’s time to talk to management about the situation. Landlords will never disclose a person’s identity when dealing with a resident about complaints, so don’t worry about your neighbor knowing that it was you who noticed management. What matters at this point is that you’re able to enjoy your own apartment peacefully, without constant interruption from others during odd hours.

We know that learning how to handle noisy apartment neighbors can be frustrating, but following these steps will ensure that they have a chance to address and correct their actions before having a formal complaint placed against their record. By being fair to your neighbors about noise complaints, you can live peacefully in your home without ruining the relationship you have with your neighbors. If you’re currently living with loud neighbors, let us know about your struggle and the outcome in the comments below.