3 Easy Tips to Make your Apartment Feel More Spacious

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make your apartment feel more spacious

Living in a rental apartment can be difficult due to the limited amount of space residents are given for furniture and storage. While there is usually some storage space built into each unit, many residents find themselves downsizing on their processions or developing creative ways to add storage and eliminate clutter from their new homes once they move in. Today, we’ll take a look at three easy tips to make your apartment feel more spacious.

1. Get Creative With Furniture

When you’re living in an apartment, making the most of every inch of storage space is essential for keeping your apartment feeling open and spacious. Use built-in storage spaces such as cupboards and pantries to house your extra dry foods and cooking utensils. Often, most sinks will offer a small storage space underneath, where you can keep cleaning supplies and personal items. If you still find you don’t have enough storage space with the resources included in your new rental, consider purchasing a few pieces of multi-purpose furniture, such as a storage ottoman, to tuck away extra items when they’re not being used.

2. Put Up Shelving

Most multi-family complexes allow their residents to add shelving to their units, as long as the holes caused by the screws are patched up. Add space to your bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms by installing a few small shelves to help store some of your frequently used items, or to house pictures and other décor. Popular stores like Ikea carry shelving that is intended for narrow walls if wall space is an issue, and they carry a whole host of unique shelving to make your walls a little more fun.

3. Pull Furniture Away from the Wall

In truly compact living spaces, furniture is one of the things that takes up the most space. As a result, it can make rooms seem much smaller than they actually are, especially when the furniture is pushed closely against the wall. To make your apartment seem more spacious, it’s essential to make your sofas and beds seem as though they aren’t taking up as much room as they really are. To do this, try pulling your furniture away from the wall, so that there is a small gap between the wall and the back-end of the sofa or bed. By creating this small illusion of space between your wall and furniture, it will in turn make the rooms in your home seem slightly larger and more spacious.

Living in a new rental apartment doesn’t need to be a tight fit. In fact, tastefully fitting all of your most prized possessions into your new unit can be quite fun if done with innovation and creativity. To create more space and reduce the amount of clutter in your apartment unit or townhome, take some time to hang shelving, utilize built-in storage space, and pull furniture away from the wall. If you’re willing to spend a little money on organization, try purchasing a few multi-purpose furniture items that will allow you to store things within.

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