4 High-Priority Things to Consider While Picking Your Next Apartment

In Apartment Living by Adam's Crossing Apartments

You need to trust the complex you live in.

Moving is already a stressful experience, but having confidence in the unit you move to makes the transition much easier. For the best move possible, take these high-priority factors into consideration when picking your next apartment.


The most important factor when picking a new apartment complex is location. Choosing something that is in a convenient location for you and your family will make it easier to continue the lifestyle you built before the move. For the easiest transition from place to place, pick a property that won’t require a far drive to work, school, or the grocery store.


Without enough space, even the most beautiful apartment unit becomes a cluttered and unnavigable mess. If you are moving with family members or room-mates, consider the amount of “personal space” each housemate will need. Give everyone their own room if possible, and if space is still an issue, suggest small children share a room. Whatever your living arrangements are, make sure the amount of space you’re leasing will be enough to keep everyone (and their belongings) comfortable.


Making sure you can afford your new apartment is a must! Although many complexes have limitations in place to ensure new residents qualify, it’s ultimately up to the renter to ensure they’ll be able to pay for the rental unit they lease. Be sure to consider the cost of a deposit, utilities, and monthly rent to ensure the home you choose will fit your budget. If possible, try to save up in an emergency fund the equivalent of half a year’s rent to help you get by if an unforeseen emergency takes place in the future.


Even the perfect floorplan and rent price, an apartment complex with a bad atmosphere will drive you and your family to relocate. Consider what type of living situation is preferable to you and your housemates – do you enjoy a quiet neighborhood where most neighbors are asleep by 10 PM, or would you prefer to live in a “hip” complex where young college students study late and hold weekend get-togethers?

Picking the perfect apartment for your living standards and lifestyle habits will be a long process, but taking the time to pick a complex that meets all of your personal and financial needs will pay off. When looking for the right location, take crime rate and accessibility to key places (like work and school) heavily in to consideration. Don’t hesitate to talk to the leasing agents themselves to discuss the atmosphere and floorplan of the unit you’re interested in, but remember that scheduling a showing is the best way to get a feel for whether or not a property will be right for you.

If you’re interested in a two or three-bedroom apartment, take a look at our floorplans for more information on price, space, and location. If you have questions about the atmosphere in our beautiful Waldorf apartment complex, contact our staff at 240-585-7100.