4 Road Trips You Can Easily Plan from Our Waldorf Apartments

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Being in Washington D.C. is a fascinating experience. Not only is this historic city famous for hosting a number of world dignitaries, it’s also an urban (and scenic) paradise overflowing with spectacular places to visit. These unique locations are home to romantic views, day spas, outdoor retreats, and historic adventures. Although we recommend a weekend trip if possible, just spending a day tasting the different adventures in the region will inspire each person in your group.

Take a look at these four day-trip ideas that will make your short stay in our nation’s capital something to remember.

Day Trips:

1. Turf Valley

Although this scenic overlook is just fifty minutes outside of D.C.’s city limits, its wealth of outdoor activities will surprise you. Turf Valley is home to two-18-hole golf courses, three tennis courts, a fitness center, basketball and volleyball courts, nature trails, and swimming pools. To top off your outdoor experience, be sure to soak in the view of Maryland’s rolling hills.

2. The Foster Harris House

If you need more time to sightsee, consider staying the night at the Foster Harris House for a unique D.C. experience. Surrounded by vineyards, this magnificent house was built in a French-style and offers some of the finest dining in the region.

The rooms here provide a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. During your stay, take some time to let your taste buds explore exotic wines or recharge your senses while exploring in the nearby countryside.

3. The Primland-Experience

Staying in the city can be a toll on your senses. Between honking cars, bustling pedestrian traffic, and more buildings than you can count, getting out into the woods can be a welcomed experience.

Individuals and families who need to escape the busy city can visit Primland- an outdoor haven for the D.C. area. Although an overnight stay can be pricey, they do offer single-day adventures like horseback riding and fly fishing for more reasonable rates.

4) A Tour of the City

When you’re not quite sure what to do in D.C., a tour of the city is a classic (yet highly rewarding) option. Thanks to your tour guide, you’ll be able to see the top-destinations while listening to a detailed explanation of each attraction’s history. Most tours will drive you to the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Liberty Bell, and other iconic places. If you are planning your first trip to the nation’s capital, a tour is probably the best option.

Washington D.C. offers a number of different sightseeing and educational opportunities that are close to our Waldorf apartments. From historic landmarks to scenic outdoor adventures, the city will surprise you with the vast number of options it holds for day and weekend trips. Best of all, it’s only an hour drive into the city, making it easy for busy parents to take some time off and have some fun. If you thought this post was helpful, be sure to subscribe to our community newsletter for more fun local tips.