5 Must-Know Tips for Renting your First Apartment

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There are hundreds of apartments in Charles County, MD, but not all are built (or managed) equally. If you’re renting your first apartment, the dozens of choices in this area can leave you stressed out. Which complexes are managed ethically? Should you choose a unit that is close to public transportation, or do you prefer something further away from city’s commotion? These are just a few questions you’re probably already asking yourself as you begin to search for Charles County, MD apartments. To help you find the perfect first apartment for your lifestyle, take a look at some of these helpful renting tips.

Take Location Seriously

When you’re striking out on your own for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in hunting for a unit that’s close to nightlife and exciting activities. All too often, young adults who are finding an apartment in Waldorf, MD place too much value on local nightlife. Rather than choosing a complex in your favorite downtown area, try focusing on an apartment that is close to your current place of work, grocery stores, and other frequently visited places. Not only will you save on gas by living closer to your job, you’ll also thank yourself if you’re forced to walk or use the bus due to car problems.

Finding Roommates Takes Time

If you’re not sure you have the means to afford an entire apartment yourself, finding roommates is a great way to making renting your first apartment more affordable. Although it can be tricky living with other people, the benefits of sharing an apartment often outweigh the cons. Try using online tools like RoomMateFinders.com to connect with like-minded individuals who are also seeking apartments in Charles County, MD. Before you do anything, be sure to read our article on 7 Best Ways to Find a Roommate.

Look at Online Reviews

One common mistake young renters make is choosing the first apartment that they are qualified for. This can be dangerous for a number of reasons, but primarily because:

  • You’re not aware of market rates: As a first-time renter, you’re probably not as savvy about the market rate of apartment units in the area. Applying for the first complex you qualify for increases the risk of paying a higher market rate for rent compared to other rentals in the area. Do yourself a favor and conduct lots of research on pricing and qualification requirements before making a commitment to any apartment complex.
  • You’re not aware of management policies: Although all apartment communities are governed by national regulations, some management companies may be significantly more helpful than others. By checking online reviews from previous tenants, you can tell whether a complex truly cares about their residents. If you see reviewers complaining of unaddressed work order requests or heavy noise problems in a community, reconsider your desire to sign a lease with that company.

Ask for First-Hand Information

As useful as the internet can be for finding open apartments, it’s normal to want a first-hand account to help you answer specific questions and concerns. As you do research on qualified apartment communities in the area, seek the opinion of people who have actually lived in (or near) the complex you’re considering. If you’re not able to connect with knowledgeable people in person, try using forum groups like Quora to broadcast your question to thousands of people.

Visit the Property

Even if you’re moving from out of state, visiting your soon-to-be apartment before you sign the lease can save lots of stress and frustration in the long run. Apartment communities do their best to post realistic pictures of their property and units, but sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story. Room size, ceiling height, and wall color are all things that can easily be misinterpreted through a photo. To make sure you get the apartment you’re expecting, we strongly recommend viewing your rental before signing a lease.

Renting your first apartment is both exciting and terrifying; thankfully, the internet has given us thousands of resources to help find and contact the best apartments in Charles County, MD. Use Google search to browse through tenant reviews, study maps of the area you plan to move to, and more. If you think that the apartments in Waldorf, MD is right for your lifestyle, take a look at our luxury floorplans today.