5 Simple, Budget-Friendly Bathroom Shower Organization Ideas

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an organized bathroom in an apartment

Let’s face it – there never seems to be enough room built-in to showers to store everything you need. Finding a place to keep shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other shower accessories organized seems impossible. However, with these 5 clever bathroom shower organization ideas, you can have everything you need within arm’s reach.

Bathroom Shower Organization: What’s Best for You?

The “Tension Corner Pole Caddy

Tension corner caddies are designed to fit into the perimeter of your shower. It uses a “tension rod” system to hold the shelving in place. Tension rod shower caddies take a little more time to install than traditional hanging shower racks. However, unlike traditional bath shelving, they can go in any corner of your shower. This helps to get your toiletries out of the way. Tension corner shower racks are a good option for people who would prefer a storage option that isn’t in the way of their showerhead. Depending on the type of corner caddy you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere between $15-$35.

Mesh Shower Organizer

Mesh organizers are one of the most affordable and versatile shower accessories available. Most have anywhere from four to ten pockets, depending on the brand. They can hang from the showerhead or curtain rod. On average, mesh organizers cost between $6-$20.

Soap Dispensers

If the only thing you need is a more efficient way to store soap and shampoo, a mountable soap dispenser is a great solution. These handy inventions let you store liquid soap, conditioner, and shampoo in respective “chambers.” After each dispenser has been filled, simply attach the device to your shower wall (or door) using the strong suction cups on the back of the device. Because soap dispensers like these are a “luxury” item, they cost anywhere from $20-$40.

A Door-Hanging Caddy

Do you just need one simple shelf to keep your belongings out of the way? A door-hanging caddy is perfect for standing showers (or tubs) with a sliding glass door. Because they’re simple and come in hundreds of styles, you can usually find them for anywhere from $10-$25.

Expandable Nozzle-Hung Caddy

Perfect for large families, an expandable caddy offers two rows of shelving for your shower accessories. The majority of these double-caddies are manufactured to be suspended from your shower nozzle, however it’s possible you can find a door-hung version from an online supplier. Whichever suspension system you choose, an expandable caddy will likely cost anywhere from $7-$20.

Bath Toy Organizers

Kids love bringing toys in the bathtub, but the added clutter of bath toys can make it difficult to keep your already-compact bathing area organized. Bath toy organizers give parents (and kids!) an exciting place to organize things like rubber duckies and mermaids. You can find these shower gadgets for anywhere from $10-$35, depending on the brand.

Using these tips on bathroom shower organization will do numbers for your peace of mind. It will also help to prevent mold and mildew from growing while you enjoy the warm water. No matter what type of shower organizer you choose, we’re confident you’ll enjoy having more foot space to use while using your tub or shower. Adding hanging shelving to your bathing area is a great way to personalize your unit without making dramatic changes to your unit. If you thought this article on bathroom shower organization was interesting, learn about more ways you can organize your bathroom.