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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet on National Pet Day

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woman holding dog

As a pet-friendly apartment community, Adam’s Crossing understands how important your furry friend is to you. That’s why we welcome them into our community with open arms! For all of you animal lovers out there with pets, mark your calendars for April 11th — National Pet Day! While every day likely feels like your pet’s special day, perhaps on April 11th you can do a little something extra. Check out these 5 ways you can celebrate your pet on National Pet Day!

Make Homemade Treats

Show your pet a little extra love on National Pet Day by making homemade treats! There are plenty of homemade treat recipes you can find on websites like Pinterest. Whether you have a cat or dog, they’ll love the change from the typical boxed treats! Not only is making treats at home thoughtful for your furry friend, but it can also benefit their health. By making them at home, you know exactly what ingredients are going into the treats and can keep it simple and healthy.

Take Them for a Long Walk

If you have a dog (or even a cat!) that enjoys spending time outdoors, perhaps today you can take them outside! Head to a local trail and take them out for a long walk. Not only will they enjoy getting out of the apartment and burning some energy, but it also will get you some time out in the sunshine. Check out some local trails around Adam’s Crossing in our blog HERE.

Let Them on the Furniture

For some of us, letting our pets snuggle up on the couch or sleep on our beds is commonplace. However, if your furry friend doesn’t usually have a spot next to you as you watch TV or sleep, scoot on over! Perhaps on National Pet Day, you can squeeze in some extra cuddle time by letting them on the furniture — if you’re up for it!

Carve Out Extra Time in Your Day to Dedicate to Them

Between working, exercising, and socializing, we lead busy lives. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. While we have a lot going on in our lives, we are at the center of our pet’s lives. While this should be done daily, make sure you’re carving some time out of your day to give undivided attention to your furry friend. Whether you play with their toys, take them out, or even lounge on the couch with them, quality time is important!

Donate to Local Animal Shelters

Just because animals in shelters don’t have designated owners doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the love and support that other pets are lucky to have! If anything, they need some additional love and care. On National Pet Day, consider donating to a local animal shelter. Whether it’s a monetary donation or a donation of food or toys, it will improve the animals’ lives as they wait for their fur-ever home. Even if you don’t have a pet and are considering getting one, keep animal shelters in mind! Adopting a pet will change both their life and yours.

Our pets bring so much joy to our lives, and it’s time we show them some extra appreciation. Whether you take your furry friend outdoors or make some homemade treats, there are many ways to celebrate your pet on National Pet Day.

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