6 Affordable Closet Organizers for Shoe Storage

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Do you have a hard time finding storage space for your shoes?

It’s a daunting experience. You wake up late for work, only to scour the entire apartment looking for a matching pair of shoes. Situations like these may not happen regularly, but they can turn your morning into a tailspin when they do crop up. Anytime you live in a small space, a well-organized storage system for your personal items is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Although our apartments in Charles County, Maryland aren’t necessarily compact, finding ways to add room to your living space is always welcome. If you don’t already have an organizational system set-up your shoes, today is the best day to start. Let’s take a look at a few affordable closet organizers that will help keep your shoes neat.

  1. Organize Your Closet Into Sections

No matter what size your closet is, dividing that small area into sections can help you stay neat and organized. Even in the most limited space, having a dedicated area for shoes, belts, and other accessories will make it easier to find things and reduce clutter. Best of all, you’ll have easy access to your shoes, even when you’re on the busiest schedule.

  1. Hang Your Shoes

One of the problems with most shoe storage systems is the fact that they take up floor space. Because most closets already have very limited walking room, finding alternative ways to store things can benefit your organization (and sanity) in the long run. Consider adding a hanging rack or small individual hooks to your closet walls; this will give you plenty of space to store your shoes without taking up valuable floor space.

  1. Get A Shoe Rack

One of the most affordable closet organizers is a simple shoe rack. Although they do take up floor space, shoe racks are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your closet. Sold at most home good stores, you can find a basic shoe rack for $10 and up.

  1. Create Small Slide Outs

If you are running out of space in your closet and you want to utilize every inch, consider turning your old shoe boxes into a slide-out storage case. By placing a simple stand-alone shelf in your closet, then placing individual shoe boxes on each rack, you can create an easy shoe dresser in a matter of minutes. If you need ideas, take a look at this creative DIY closet organizer.

  1. Discover Other Places to Store your Shoes

When there simply isn’t enough room for more shoes in your bedroom closet, finding other places to store them is the next best option. Areas like water heater closets, underneath the bathroom sink, and book shelves are all easy to access locations, making it easy for you to keep your shoes in one organized location.

When it becomes difficult to find or organize your shoe collection in a standard closet, adding the smallest organizational features (like shelves, hanging hooks, and slide-out drawers) can make a world of difference. A good organizational system will reduce clutter and give you more floor space to use for other things. If you liked the suggestions in this blog, subscribe to our Adams Crossing e-mail newsletter for more apartment living tips.