6 Summer Activities to Enjoy Near Your Waldorf Apartment

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Enjoy Family Time in your Waldorf, MD Apartment This Summer

As summer comes to a close, finding time to spend with your loved ones before school starts is a priority. But with the holidays just around the corner, saving money when you can is equally important. Today, let’s dive into five family-friendly summer activities to enjoy near your Waldorf apartment!

1. Board Games

Board games aren’t just for gloomy winter days, they’re exciting (and affordable) summer activities too! Studies show that children who participate in family game nights with their family can actually turn kids into better students, so make this a priority for your end-of-summer activities. Try memory and matching games to encourage younger children to play and learn at the same time, or play physically challenging games like Twister and Charades to encourage physical activity even when you’re indoors.

2. Create Something!

Building and creating things are two things kids love most. Cater to their curiosity by collecting household items to make a fort, or encourage structured building by teaching them to piece together a model airplane. If you’re looking for an outdoor activity, consider building a temporary obstacle course out of plastic cups and ropes in your complex’s courtyard-just don’t forget to clean up after the fun is over!

3. Acting & Roleplaying

Have the kids act out the book you read together, or imagine a make believe adventure from that book’s universe after reading it. If you really want to get creative, record a video of their skit and send it to extended family.

4. Do Housework Together

You may dread washing dishes or laundry, but chances are that your child will love helping you with the little things. They want to be included, and letting them participate in housework will not only get the chores done on-time but also teach them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

5. Head to a Park

Today’s children spend roughly 7 hours inside and 30 minutes outside playing, but outdoor play has been linked to lower risk of ADHD, better overall fitness, and countless other benefits. Before your child heads back to the classroom, make sure they get plenty of time to play outside and stretch their legs. Parks are a great free resource for parents to use – find a nearby playground and let your kids play until they’re tired.

6. Movie Night

After a long day of playing, it’s reasonable to come inside and watch a movie. Giving kids the freedom to indulge in a lot of “screen time” isn’t encouraged, but the occasional time spent watching movies as a family is a good bonding experience. During the film, guide your kids into conversation about the themes and conflicts in the story to encourage learning, even if it happens in front of a screen.

We hope you use these six family-friendly summer activities to enjoy time with your family. They are a great way to spend quality time with your kids before they head back to school this fall. Try a combination of indoor and outdoor activities to keep everyone excited about your time together, and consider taking a day trip to one of the many attractions near your Waldorf, MD apartment when you have time.

What activities do your kids enjoy most? Let us know in the comments below!