6 Things Every Guy Needs In His Apartment

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things every guy needs in his apartment

Moving into your own apartment can be liberating, but slightly awkward at the same time. Whether you’ve finally gained the freedom to move into a larger place without roommates, or are fresh out of college and renting a small unit, there are some things every guy needs in his apartment to improve their apartment décor and keep them entertained. In today’s post, we’ll give you the six must-have items every guy should keep in their rental.

A Vacuum

You may not have thought it was necessary, but a vacuum is an absolute must for any apartment. Particularly essential for apartments with lots of carpet, vacuuming regularly will keep your floors clean and maintain your indoor air quality. Even the most inexpensive vacuum will work wonders after having friends over, keeping your floors crumb free.

Cooking Utensils

As nice as it would be to eat out each day of the week, chances are moving into your own apartment will have financial costs that tie up your extra cash. Instead of spending money each day on fast food or restaurants, keeping some basic cooking utensils in your apartment will help you cut down your food expenses.

A Music Player

Whether you have a record player complete with subwoofers, or a simple digital radio, having a way to play music in your apartment can make the difference between calm and boredom. Keep your music player in a place where you commonly listen to music, whether that be in the living room or your bedroom.

Scented Candles

At some point in your bachelor life, the chances are you will need to freshen the air in your apartment apartment for arriving guests. Whether you need to spice up your apartment décor for a romantic dinner, or cover up the scent of last night’s pizza, scented candles can come in extremely handy. If you’re not a fan of traditional fragrances, there are now a number of candles that come in guy-friendly scents like leather, tobacco, cut grass, and more.

A Game Table

Let’s be honest, what’s the point in having your own place, if you can’t have some sort of indoor game table? Whether you’re a fan of foosball, ping-pong, or poker, having a game table at home lets you have affordable guy’s nights any day of the week. Don’t worry about not being able to fit the table into limited space, many game manufacturers now make foldable, apartment-sized versions of their best-selling products, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Permanent Furniture

While keeping your college futon on hand as a sofa may seem like a good idea, investing in more permanent furniture, like actual couches, chairs, and end-tables, is the key to brining your apartment together. Whether you decide to purchase new or used furniture, be sure to pick pieces that match one another and fit nicely in your apartment. Not only will this make your rental look more established and sophisticated, it will also give you a nice place to spend time with friends on the weekend.

Moving into your own apartment is extremely exciting, particularly if you’ve had to share space with roommates in the past. Having each of these six things in your unit will not only help you live more comfortably, it will also impress friends and family members when they come by to visit. How many of these items do you already have in your apartment? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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