unusual pumpkin recipes

6 unusual pumpkin recipes

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unusual pumpkin recipes

Are you all about that pumpkin spice life? This time of year, pumpkin fans indulge in pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie, but don’t limit yourself to those traditional treats. Try these unusual pumpkin recipes to send your festi-meter through the roof! (and get a healthy dose of vitamins)


pumpkin dip

Photo courtesy of Amy Michele Robinson on AllRecipes

Pair with graham crackers or ginger snaps for a festive finger food.


pumpkin smoothie

Photo courtesy of Wild Rose Kitchen on AllRecipes

Pumpkin for breakfast! You can drink your pumpkin…


pumpkin pancakes

Photo courtesy of Joy Bauer on lolFoodie

…and eat it too! Drizzle with maple syrup for a double dose of fall flavor.


pumpkin brownies

Photo courtesy of Hungry Girl

Hungry Girl uses pumpkin as a replacement for vegetable oil in this brownie recipe.

Pasta Sauce

pumpkin pasta sauce

Photo courtesy of Beth Moncel on BudgetBytes

Are you a sauce boss? Try this recipe on your next spaghetti night.


pumpkin oatmeal

Photo courtesy of Ashley McLaughlin on Edible Perspective

Rounding off our unusual pumpkin recipe list with another breakfast favorite: oatmeal! Whip this up for the ultimate comfort breakfast.

What’s your favorite unusual pumpkin recipe? Share in the comments below!

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