7 Manager Friendly Apartment Upgrades Anyone Can Do

In Apartment Living, Decor by Adam's Crossing Apartments

20483229_mFixing up an apartment on a budget is a very real possibility. In fact, thousands of people around the country have found exciting ways to make their rental space feel more like home. In today’s post, we’ll talk about seven manager-friendly apartment upgrades anyone (yes, anyone) can do.

  • Space Saving Furniture: Multi-purpose furniture is a stylish and practical way to create more room, even in the smallest apartments. Often, superstores like Ikea and Target carry affordable options for people who need practical furniture on a budget.
  • Key and Coat Holders: Many apartment units don’t mind you adding wall hangers for keys and coats, as long as you cover up your holes with putty and repaint before your planned move. Key and coat holders are not only handy (you always know where your keys are), they also keep things neat and organized so you have more space to enjoy your home.
  • Shelving: There are endless, awesome ways you can use shelving. Hanging them horizontally, vertically, or in creative patterns will add more depth to your rooms and give you space to add personal decorative items. Best of all, this is another upgrade that can be done on a tight budget and completed on a lazy weekday afternoon.
  • Add Rugs to your Flooring: Adding a rug to any room in your rental home is a run way to bring the space to life. Rugs brighten your home with color, but also serve a practical purpose as they protect your floors from accidental spills and dirt tracked in on rainy days.
  • Hang Pictures: Adding pictures to your walls is a great way to liven up your space and make it feel more like home. Use creative picture frames to add more excitement and character into your wall, or (if you’re on a budget) take bulk frames and make a fun pattern on your wall.
  • Create and Hang a Painting: Decorating your apartment on a budget really doesn’t have to be difficult, just let your creativity run rampant and paint your apartment a work of art! Not only is this a fun (and rewarding) activity, you can literally fill each room in your home with creative décor for what some people pay for a single painting.
  • Change (but save) your Door Knobs: Does your apartment unit have locks on the bedroom doors? Most don’t. For people living with roommates, this could be a privacy issue that makes some people feel a little uncomfortable. Thankfully, it’s extremely easy to change out a doorknob; just be sure to keep the old one so you can replace it if you decide to move.

Using any of these manager-friendly apartment upgrades is a great way to create more space and turn your rental into a place that you can call home. If you plan to slowly bring your rental to live over time, we recommend starting with one decorative tip and one space-saving tip to get yourself started. What types of budget-friendly upgrades have you tried in your apartment? Let us know in the comments below!