8 Apartment Storage Ideas you Can Implement for Under $40

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Even luxury apartments don’t stay organized without a helping hand.

Apartments are notorious for lacking built-in storage space, but that doesn’t mean renters are doomed to a life of clutter and disorganization. Whatever your storage situation may be, these 8 storage ideas will help reduce disorder in every room of your rental home.

8 Apartment Storage Ideas to Keep your Apartment Organized

Multi-use furniture: One of the best organizational tools for apartments of all sizes, space saving furniture like hollow ottomans can be used to store things like extra blankets, cushions, or board games.

Make Boxes & Baskets A Go-To: Baskets are good for more than just laundry, they can also be used to store anything from scratch paper to umbrellas. Boxes and baskets are good storage tools for all kinds of household items, including kitchen utensils, craft supplies, and cleaning agents.

Under the Bed: The space under your bed can be used for slim, low-profile items (like photo albums or shoes) that aren’t used frequently. If your bed sits directly on the floor, consider using a set of affordable bed raisers to create space for storage.

Table Space: Tables with a base platform can double as a storage space for all kinds of items, including knick knacks and photographs.

Use Vertical Space: Even in the largest single family home, limited floor space is common. Instead of using more of your rental’s square footage to store bulky items (like bikes or cooking utensils) consider hanging items on the wall where they can be kept out of the way.

Hanging Bookshelves: Hanging book shelves throughout your home is a great way to store your books, but also to display household items like photographs and household decorations. If you have an area of your home that is used as a home office, adding bookshelves is a functional, cost-effective way to store work materials.

Pegboards: A cross between a bookshelf and a hanging wire rack, pegboards are another cost-effective storage solution you can use anywhere in your home. Often seen in garages, pegboards can be used in kitchens (to hang cooking utensils) or bedroom closets, where they can be used to store jewelry, belts, scarves and ties.

Mason jars: A classic household item, mason jars have been used in homes around the country since 1859. Today, these clear jars are sold in a variety of sizes, and are used to store everything from dry pasta to pens and pencils. If you’d prefer to personalize your jars, line each one with spare bits of fabric or paint over the glass to create customized storage containers.

Your rental home should be a place to relax and unwind from the pressures of life, but a cluttered home can get in the way of your ability to de-stress. In fact, studies show that disorganization can impact a person’s focus and emotional health. Don’t let a messy home add more stress to your life – use the 8 storage ideas listed above to keep your home organized.

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