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Active Living at Adam’s Crossing: Game, Set, Match!

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Exercise boosts your mood and contributes to long term health, but finding the time and motivation to be active on a daily basis often proves difficult. This article begins our Active Living at Adam’s Crossing series in which we will take a look at alternative forms of exercise to keep your body guessing and your workouts far from bland. Today we’ll take a look at tennis at Adam’s Crossing.

Finding nine other people to play 5-on-5 basketball or twenty-one other people for a regulation soccer game requires a lot of prior planning and coordination, but what do you need for a tennis match? A can of balls, two racquets, and one other person.

Tennis at Adam’s Crossing

Waldorf is home to several public tennis courts. The closest courts to Adam’s Crossing are at John Hanson Middle School. John Hanson is located a mere quarter of a mile from your luxury apartment, and the school’s four courts allow for multiple matches to be played at once.

Get a Full-Body Workout

Tennis provides several compelling reasons to incorporate the sport into your exercise regiment. First, it’s a full-body workout. You’re making both lateral and forward/backward movements as you cover the court, and you use muscles in your back, arms, and shoulders that are tough to target in the gym. Tennis also cultivates a strong core through the various motions of each stroke.

Time to Socialize!

Secondly, tennis allows for plenty of socializing! Friendly banter between points is common, and water breaks after every other game give you time to catch your breath and catch up with your opponent.

Play for Life

The final benefit to adding tennis into your workout routine is that it’s a lifetime sport. Once you master the basics of the game, you have decades of play ahead of you. Because tennis is not a contact sport, it can be played well into your senior years of life. You can switch to doubles when half the court becomes too much to cover. You don’t need Andy Roddick’s serve or Roger Federer’s forehand to have fun playing tennis. As long as you and your hitting partner possess relatively the same level of skills, you’re both guaranteed a great time and an even better workout! Be sure to involve yourself in Active Living at Adam’s Crossing!

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