Active Living at Adam’s Crossing: Workout on Wheels

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Remember those birthday parties from your childhood at the roller skating rink? You propelled yourself around the rink for hours while singing Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys hits. You may not have realized it at the time, but you were getting a great workout! In this edition of Active Living at Adam’s Crossing, we’re revisiting the forgotten pastime of roller skating as an alternative way of meeting your exercise goals.

Active Living at Adam’s Crossing: Where Else Can You Go?

Find the Waldorf Skating Center a short two minute car ride from your luxury apartment in Adam’s Crossing. Their hours vary depending on the day of the week, so be sure to check when they’re open and whether they have a private event before planning your outing. Seven dollars covers an afternoon of skating, and $8.00 pays for an evening session. If you don’t have your own pair of skates, snag a rental pair at the rink for only $2.00. If you’re a bargain hunter, pencil Waldorf Skating Center’s Family Night into your Tuesday evening plans. Patrons skate at the discounted rate of only $4.00 per person with $1.00 skate rentals.

Why Workout on Wheels?

Roller skating offers a great cardio workout, as well as a variety of unfamiliar movements to target and tone your legs and glutes in new ways. Consider wearing double or thick socks that cover your ankles to avoid chafing and blisters if your feet aren’t used this form of rigorous activity. Maintaining balance requires the engagement of your core, another muscle group targeted during skating. Prepare yourself for jelly legs after removing your skates and for sore muscles the next day.

While many gyms offer childcare services, parents aren’t able to spend quality time with their kids while climbing the stairmaster or pumping iron in the weight room. In contrast, at Waldorf Skating Center, the whole family can participate in fitness. This is a major plus for our residents who have children. Bonus: your kids will be exhausted too!

If skating is your thing, there are several other reasons you will love living at Adam’s Crossing. In addition to the Waldorf Skating Center, we are also close to St. Charles Parkway Skate Park and Capital Clubhouse, which boasts a 90,000 sq ft ice rink and 30-foot climbing wall. There are many ways to involve yourself in active living at Adam’s Crossing!

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