autumn leaves

Active Living at Adam’s Crossing: Blaze the Trails

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autumn leaves

As the leaves begin to transition from green to warmer tones of red, orange, and yellow, the perfect time of year for outdoor activity approaches. You no longer break a sweat as soon as you step out the door of your luxury apartment at Adam’s Crossing, and the natural beauty of Waldorf radiates through the crisp air. Go take a hike. Learn about active living at Adam’s Crossing!

Get Active at Adam’s Crossing

The greater Waldorf area hosts a variety of hiking destinations, including Cedarville State Forest and Piscataway Park. To visit Cedarville State Forest, follow Route 5/301 north into Prince George’s County. As soon as you cross into Prince George’s County, turn right onto Cedarville Road. Follow Cedarville Road to Bee Oak Road (on your right), which is the main entrance for the forest. The ride will only take you about twenty minutes. Kindly adhere to the $3 fee for in-state vehicles, enforced by the honor system. Out of state vehicles require $5. Once inside the park, freely access over nineteen miles of trails.

Twenty minutes away on the other side of Waldorf, Piscataway Park awaits your visit. To reach the park from Route 301, turn right onto Route 228 and follow seven miles to the end. Turn right (north) onto Indian Head highway and move into the far left lane. Take the next left turn onto Livingston Road (look for B&J Carryout). Drive one block and turn right on Biddle Road. At the stop sign, turn left on Bryan Point Road and follow 3.5 miles to the end. Make a right into the visitors parking lot. A boardwalk winds through Piscataway Park along the Accokeek shoreline where you can enjoy birdwatching and views of Mount Vernon — for free! The park also hosts National Colonial Farm, “a historic farm museum that demonstrates 18th century agriculture and a certified organic farm used for demonstration and education.”

When planning your excursion, take hydration and when the sun sets into consideration. Even though you may not feel overheated or thirsty because of the cooling temperatures, you can still become dehydrated. Pack enough water to last the duration of your hike. Both Cedarville and Piscataway close at sunset, so plan the length of your adventure accordingly. Enjoy active living at Adam’s Crossing! Happy Hiking!

Located near several beautiful hiking trails, Adam’s Crossing offers affordable luxury apartments ranging from two to three bedrooms. Haven’t taken a tour of Adam’s Crossing yet? Schedule a tour with one of our property managers and check out the second phase of our development, Adam’s II.