Do you Qualify for Affordable Apartments in Waldorf, MD?

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Should you look into affordable housing?


When budgets are tight, rent can feel unaffordable.


Families across the U.S. struggle to pay for basic living expenses.

Thankfully, housing programs are available for people struggling with difficult financial situations. After undergoing a lengthy qualification screening, applicants who spend over 33% of their income on rent can obtain financial assistance.

Today, we’ll discuss the different types of housing opportunities available to renters applying for affordable apartments in Waldorf, MD.  


What is Affordable Housing?


When a person’s monthly rent is equal to or less than 30% that individual’s total income, their apartment is considered “affordable.”

People working for minimum wage salaries make an annual income of $16,000 – that’s about $1,300 per month. For them, finding a safe, comfortable rental home at 30% of their income (roughly $450), is almost impossible.  

To help low-income individuals and single parents, the government partners with landlords and apartment complexes to provide affordable housing programs, the most common of which is Section 8.


A Glimpse at Section 8


Out of all the affordable housing programs, Section 8 is the most widely known.

Considered a “housing subsidy,” the program helps struggling individuals and families by providing housing vouchers that pay up to 60% of their monthly rent.  

To qualify for Section 8, residents must earn less than 50% of the AMI (average median income) for their area.


Who Qualifies for Rental Subsidies in Waldorf?


To qualify for housing assistance in Waldorf, Maryland, residents need to make less than 50% of the median income in the area, which HUD estimates to be at roughly $108,600 for four-person families.


Coming Prepared:


It’s important to understand that applying for affordable housing is not an overnight process.

Depending on your situation and the number of requests being handled by the program’s staff, it can take months to become approved. Before counting on affordable housing assistance for your next rental, make sure you have the approval paperwork or voucher in hand before applying for a unit.

Not only will your leasing agent require the information to complete your lease, it will also protect you from being financially liable for any costs incurred during the leasing process.


To speed up your affordable housing application, keep the following information on-hand:


  • IRS Tax Returns 
  • Recent Pay Stubs 
  • Proof of Citizenship / Residency (a birth certificate or visa will suffice)



When you’re struggling to make ends meet, having assistance with rent relieves stress levels dramatically.  Thankfully, there are a variety of affordable apartments in Waldorf, MD, including Adams Crossing.


Because the application process for Section 8 is lengthy, get approved for your housing voucher before applying for your next apartment. If you’ve already been approved for a federal housing program contact the leasing office at Adams Crossing at (240) 585-7100 for more information about our luxury affordable apartments.