The Apartment Approval Process: What you Need to Know About Applying for an Apartment

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What does the apartment approval process include?


Applying for an apartment can be a quick process if you’re prepared with all the proper paperwork and funds to submit your application entirely.

To ensure your application goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to have on hand during the apartment approval process.


Payments for Application

When applying for an apartment, there are application fees that must be paid to submit your application for consideration. These fees vary from community to community, but almost always include:

  • Administration fee
  • Credit Processing Fee
  • Unit Holding Deposit

Completed Application

A completed rental application is another crucial part of the apartment approval process. On this application, all adults must list their credit information, rental history, and the reason they are seeking a new apartment home.

The information listed on this form will be matched against the rental criteria at the community you are applying at.

Give the Community Time to Review the Application

After submitting your application, it will take anywhere from 24-48 hours before the community has a decision on the status of your application.
To determine your eligibility, the community manager will look at:

Your Credit History

Landlords want to rent to a responsible individual that is caught up on their outstanding debt payments. If you have a poor credit score due to unrepaired or delinquent loans, these outstanding fees can harm your eligibility. We recommend using the Credit Karma app or checking your credit score through each individual reporting bureau before starting to look for apartments.

Your Rental History

Individuals with evictions, habitually late rent payments and other issues on their rental history often struggle to become approved for an apartment, especially if they still owe rent or damages to a former landlord.

Your Income

To qualify for an apartment, individuals (and their roommates) must be able to prove that they make 3 times the amount of rent each month. This allows landlords to rest assured that the tenants have enough money to pay rent, utilities, and all other bills.


Security Deposit & First Month’s Rent

If you are approved for your new apartment, you’ll be expected to have the full amount of your security deposit on-hand once your application has been approved. Failing to have your deposit available in the form of a money order or cashier’s check can result in loss of the available unit, which is always given to the first qualified applicant.


Applying for an apartment can be a quick and easy process – if you’re prepared before you fill out your paperwork. By having a firm understanding of your current credit score, sufficient proof of income, and all your application (and first-month) fees on-hand, you can quickly qualify for the apartment of your choice.