apartment shelving ideas don't have to be shelves

Apartment Shelving Hacks for Kitchens

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apartment shelving ideas don't have to be shelves

Get More Space From your Kitchen Shelves


Of all the rooms in your apartment home, the kitchen is likely the most cluttered.

After all, the kitchen is the place where the grit of cooking and fun of dining come together, which means this single room is responsible for housing everything from cooking utensils to fancy holiday china. Even in luxury apartments in Waldorf MD, storage can become limited quickly.

If you’re struggling to fit all of your kitchenware in your cabinets, it’s time to try a few apartment shelving ideas that will increase the amount of space you have – and help to organize clutter.


Here are a few to try out for your apartment:


Add Stackable Wire Racks to your Shelving


If you don’t have enough shelf space in your cabinets, add a little extra room with stackable wire racks. These affordable storage gadgets can be purchased at Target or Walmart for about $5 each.

Because they require no installation and can be placed in just about any cabinet needed, you can easily customize the style and storage ability to your needs.


Store Fine China Outside the Kitchen


If your fine china is taking up too much room in your kitchen, why not put it on display elsewhere in the house? Fine china is a great décor piece and conversation starter; try keeping your set on display using shelving in a low-traffic section of the living room or by placing it in a china cabinet for safe keeping.

Hang Everything and Anything


Hanging coffee cups, cooking utensils, and small pots and pans on the inside of your cabinetry is a great way to create more room in your kitchen.

If you have wall space, take this tip one step further by adding hanging hooks to the open walls in your kitchen. Then, relocate frequently used items (like coffee cups, cooking utensils, and cooking grabber things) to these hooks to create more space in your cabinets.


Use Dividers


Large cabinets offer an excess of space, but they’re a struggle to keep organized. To reduce the clutter in one of these storage areas, try breaking up the space with storage dividers.




Finding ways to create more space in your kitchen may seem like a never-ending battle, but by using the apartment shelving hacks above you can stop organizing and start enjoying an uncluttered cooking space. Remember: If you choose to add hooks to the inside of your cabinets or your kitchen walls, be sure to cover the puncture holes with wall putty before you move out.

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