What to Look for During an Apartment Walk-Through

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Your Pre-Leasing Walk-Through is More Important than you Think

Before signing your apartment lease, apartment managers suggest that you “walk-through” your unit to ensure the layout is sufficient for your needs and to check for blemishes that existed before you moved in, thus protecting your security deposit. Today, let’s take a look at the specific things you should look for as you walk through any apartment in Waldorf MD.

During Your Apartment Walk-Through, Look For:


Once you move into a unit, you are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the property. If you move out and there are any blemishes or damage to the property, the landlord will be forced to assume that you were the one who caused the damage. While checking your unit, we recommend you check for any damage to the unit and call it out to the leasing agent walking with you.

A few common things to look out for include:

  • Ripped or torn flooring
  • Damage to drywall
  • Scratches in appliances
  • Broken window glass
  • Damaged plumbing fixtures
  • Chips and dings in cabinet drawers
  • Scratches in countertops

Wear and Tear

Unlike tenant-inflicted damage, wear and tear occurs when the features of a property begin to “wear out” as a result of normal every-day use. While most symptoms of wear and tear are expected, there are a few things that residents can request to be repaired before they move in.

A few things to check include:

  • Worn-out flooring
  • Poorly functioning faucets and shower heads
  • Aged appliances
  • Stove functionality
  • Window seals
  • Window screens

Adequate Storage Space

When you walk through any apartment, you should always check to ensure the room size and layout is sufficient for your furniture. Living rooms and bedrooms are particularly important to check for space, especially if you own large beds, sofas, or end-tables. Because pots, pans, and dry foods take up a large portion of kitchen space for families, we recommend checking the provided kitchen and pantry space during your walk-through as well.

Accessibility to Parking

No matter how healthy you are, picking an apartment in Waldorf MD that is easily accessible from your parking space is a key to being happy with your new rental. This will be crucial for moving your belongings into your new apartment, but also factor in when carrying groceries to your home after settling in. Checking the apartment layout during your apartment walk-through to ensure that it offers adequate space for your belongings and furniture is a key to being happy in your new home. We recommend checking the following areas specifically:
  • Kitchen Storage: Particularly if you have a large family, ensuring you have enough storage space in the pantry and cabinets is crucial.
  • Living & Bedroom Layout: If you have large furniture, it’s crucial to ensure your furnishings will fit well into your new living space. If possible, bring the dimensions of your largest furniture pieces to your walk-through.
Your pre-leasing walk through is an opportunity for renters to ensure the property they rent is entirely ready for move in. Furthermore, it is a perfect opportunity to protect your security deposit by calling out damage to the property that was caused by a previous tenant. Finally, your pre-leasing walk through should also provide you with an opportunity to ensure the layout, location, and size of the unit will suit your needs.
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