Apartments with Walk-In Closets Offer More than Just Extra Storage

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We all know apartments with walk-in closets are diamonds in the rough.

When you come across an apartment complex that offers walk-in closets, it’s hard not to get excited about the different ways you can use the additional space. Although the most common use for a walk-in closet is clothes storage, there are other highly useful ways to enjoy your enlarged closet.
Take a look at these alternative ways to use a walk-in closet in your apartment.

Create a Getaway Space for the Kids

Kids love to have the feeling of their own space, and walk-in closets offer the opportunity to create an easy and quick safe place for them to be creative without getting into trouble.

Use the Closet as A Dressing Room

If you’re sharing a bedroom with a room-mate and need a little privacy to change, consider doubling your walk in closet as a dressing room!
Create a Small Study Space

The size of a walk in closet makes it a perfect place to place a compact desk and chair and use as a place to study, read, or work from home. Before purchasing furniture, be sure to measure the length and width of the space.

Store Seasonal Sports Gear

Nothing is worse than placing seasonal sports gear (like snow clothes or camping gear) into storage only to withdraw it months later covered in spiders and dust. If you don’t intend to use your walk-in for clothing storage, consider using it as a clean place to keep belongings that would otherwise be placed into a garage.

Create a Small Library

If you don’t have extra space for your books, consider adding a few shelves to your walk-in closet and using it as a walk-in library instead. Families with children or who simply love to read would benefit most from this little project, and could even place small chairs like beanbag cushions in the closet area to provide a quiet place to read a book.

Give your Pet a Safe Place

Many dog and cat specialists suggest giving your pet a safe place to call their own, such as a bed or a kennel. Pet owners who really love their pets can put their animal’s bed or crate in the walk-in closet, along with their favorite toys and a few yummy treats. Try to avoid placing their food and water dishes in the area to prevent faster wear and tear on the closet, and don’t forget to vacuum and clean up after any messes they may make while relaxing.

Apartments with walk-in closets offer a world of opportunities to stay organized or unwind after a hectic week at work. Try using your apartment’s extra space to store personal belongings like books, or create a personal study space to give yourself some time for peace and quiet. If you have any questions about appropriate ways to use your walk-in closet, contact our leasing office at 240-585-7100.