back to school shopping on a budget

Back to School Shopping on a Budget

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back to school shopping on a budget

With summer coming to a close, we know exactly what you may be thinking. While it’s exciting (and possibly relieving) that your kids will be out of the house, they may not feel the same! Furthermore, along with going back to school comes the stress of preparation. New classes mean new school supplies lists, and the new school year could leave your kids wishing for a stylish new outfit to debut. The costs of back to school shopping can add up quickly. But don’t panic. We’re here to soothe your nerves and have you back to school shopping in no time: on a budget! Check out our tips on how.

On a Budget? Try this:

Shop at Home

We all have the random drawer of abandoned school supplies at our house, whether they went unused all year or they are still in great condition! Be sure to fully evaluate what you have at home before you go spend the big bucks on back to school shopping. After the school year ends, gather all the supplies your kids did or didn’t use. If you find something good, store it (in a place you’ll remember) for next school year. Not only limited to school supplies, checking out what clothes your kids have in their closet will also help with saving money. In doing this, you can make sure you don’t buy something they don’t really need. This will keep your money spent from going to waste, it will also save you money in the future!

Shop Online

Many stores offer online deals that can be found on their social media sites. Follow your favorite stores on Twitter and Facebook to see what sales they will be promoting on a particular day! Some stores also offer the option to choose your products online and have them either delivered to you or pick them up in-store. For instance, Target offers an online shopping option where you could receive a discount if you pick up in-store. A lot of websites such as Target and Staples allow you to search for your school supplies list online. This lets you easily find exactly what it is you’re looking for, without leaving the comfort of your home! It also gives you a little more control of the buying process without your kids begging you to buy them unnecessary and over-priced supplies.

Get More Bang for your Buck

Each year, kids are often asked to bring in cleaning supplies or tissues for their classrooms. If you have multiple children, the cost of all of these supplies can add up! Check out your local Dollar Store to stock up on these supplies for cheap. Furthermore, for things like folders and paper try to stick to the generic store-brand supplies. If your children aren’t pleased with a solid colored, “boring” notebook or folder, get creative! Have your kids decorate with stickers or markers to make a “generic” notebook the coolest notebook in their class. Lastly, when shopping for snacks and lunches, go to stores like Costco or Sam’s Club to buy in bulk. All of this could help to save money should you have to make a trip to the store.

This year, back to school shopping on a budget will be a breeze with these tips and tricks! Take on this school year like a pro. Not only will you and your kids be happy, but so will your wallet. For more tips on budgeting, check out our blog article here.

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