children outside

Bye Bye Boredom: Fun Summer Activities for Kids

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children outside

Summer is officially in full swing! While the 4th of July has come and gone, there is still plenty of summertime to go. However, we know that sometimes, the kids can get a little restless! With this in mind, we’ve come up with some family-friendly activities that the kids will love. Check out these fun summer activities for kids!

Play on a Slip & Slide

While most children love the pool, switch it up with a Slip & Slide! You can purchase a Slip & Slide at stores like Target, or you can make your own with a tarp. All you need to add is water! Kids will run, slip, and slide all day long with their new activity.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Another fun water activity that kids will love is a water balloon fight! You can purchase water balloon supplies at Target. This particular pack comes with over 265 balloons that are actually recyclable! Not to mention, it allows you to fill 100 balloons at a time with its unique technology. This way, kids can quickly enjoy a day of water balloon fights! Just be sure to clean up the remnants of the burst balloons when the duel has concluded.

Decorate Rocks

Unlock your kids’ creative side! Have them head outdoors to find some rocks they want to paint. Next, lay out an old sheet or tarp for them to paint on. Let their imaginations run wild! From patterns to animals, they can paint whatever it is they want onto their rocks. Once the rocks have dried, they can use them as outdoor decor on your porch! You can purchase your own acrylic paint or purchase a rock painting kit like this one from Amazon.

Build a Fort

There’s no better rainy day activity than building a fort. Gather blankets, pillows, and chairs to set up the ultimate blanket fort. Once the fort is complete, kids can play in it all day long! Grab some snacks and drinks, and possibly a laptop so they can watch a movie in their new creation. Don’t let a rainy day get the kids down. With a blanket fort, they’ll have loads of fun!

Do a Science Experiment

Whether it’s a rainy day or your kids are simply eager to learn, try doing a science experiment! This is not only fun but also a great way for kids to learn, ask questions, and step out of their comfort zone with something a little out of the ordinary. Not sure where to begin? You can get some inspiration from our blog HERE. From growing your own crystals to experimenting with M&Ms, there are plenty of experiments to try that your kids will love!

Don’t let the rest of the summer be average! With these summer activities for kids, your children will enjoy time with family and friends. Rain or shine, there’s always an opportunity for fun!

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