When to Call for Emergency Maintenance (And When to Wait)

In Apartment Living by Adam's Crossing Apartments

For landlords, maintenance requests and property upkeep are a part of the job. To protect our tenants, emergency assistance is available 24/7 for serious, unexpected problems; however, there are only a few situations that you should call for emergency help.
In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the different situations that do and don’t require emergency apartment maintenance.

Situations to Call for Emergency Help:


Although it’s rare, frozen pipes or a serious clog could cause flooding in your unit. If the plumbing in your unit begins to severely overflow (or if you notice a roof leak) we urge you to call emergency maintenance right away.

No Running Water

Running water is a necessity; if the water in your unit suddenly stops working, it’s OK to call a maintenance professional at any hour of the day or night.

No Electricity

If there is no electricity in your entire unit – and none of your neighbors have lost power – it’s imperative that you call a maintenance professional immediately. Sudden electrical malfunctions can signal a serious problem with your unit’s wiring, and it’s important to have a professional electrician troubleshoot your home’s electrical panel as soon as possible.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are a safety threat and require immediate investigation. If you smell gas in or outside your apartment, call your apartment’s emergency maintenance line immediately.

You SHOULDN’T Call Emergency Maintenance If:


No Hot Water

Although it can be a huge inconvenience, don’t call your maintenance professional on their emergency line if the warm water in your unit stops working. Instead, call your leasing office in the morning and request a work order.

An Electrical Breaker Blows

Having your breakers trip is not an electrical emergency and can wait to be reported until morning. If you’re comfortable touching a breaker box (and understand how to read the fuse labels), it’s often possible to reset a breaker yourself.
Individuals who aren’t comfortable touching their electrical breakers should refrain from handling the system and call their leasing office in the morning.

No Heat

A malfunctioning heater isn’t considered an emergency unless it stops working during the winter. If your heating system won’t operate on a cold winter day, please call our emergency maintenance number as soon as possible.

No Air Conditioning

Unfortunately, a malfunctioning A/C system isn’t something considered to be an emergency. Even the warmest summer day in Waldorf is still rather cool, so please hold your maintenance request until the following business day.

Safety Concerns

Sometimes, emergency maintenance personnel receive calls from tenants who are concerned about suspicious individuals in their neighborhood or a domestic dispute in a nearby unit. Although our leasing office values the safety of our tenants, we ask you call 9-11 if you see a disturbance in your neighborhood.

The need for emergency apartment maintenance is defined by a situation that poses a danger to you, your family, or the unit you live in. Again, the only things that require emergency maintenance include:

Total electrical outage
No running water
Gas Leak
No heat during the winter

If you’re experiencing anything other than those five emergencies, we request you wait until the following day to put in a maintenance request at the leasing office.