Keeping your apartment clean and odor-free is key to successfully renting an apartment with cats.

Keeping your Apartment Clean with Cats – 10 Tips for Renters with Cats

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Keeping your apartment clean and odor-free is key to successfully renting an apartment with cats.

Are you sharing an apartment with a feline friend?

Cats are excellent pets for individuals who live in apartments. They’re quiet, independent, and don’t require the amount of outdoor time and exercise that dogs do.

But living with a cat in your apartment isn’t as easy as some may think. Between litter boxes, sharp claws, and spraying, cats can be just as difficult as dogs.

Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about keeping your Charles County, MD apartment clean with cats.

How Do You Keep an Apartment Clean when Living with Cats?

1)    Get them Fixed

If your cat is a female, having them fixed at the first opportunity is essential.

Unfixed female cats run the risk of getting pregnant and having kittens, which is how most feral cat communities begin.

2)    Keep them Calm

Both male and female cats tend to “spray” when they feel upset, stressed, or threatened. This stench is incredibly difficult to remove from fabric and can warrant a full carpet replacement if it isn’t addressed immediately.

To prevent your cats from spraying, provide them with a calm, loving environment and avoid introducing “stressors” such as additional pets.

3)    Invest in a Scratching Post

Although cats aren’t usually destructive animals, they love sharpening their claws. If they aren’t given a designated place to do so (such as a scratching post or scratching board) they often turn to household items like screen doors, walls, and furniture.

Keep your cat – and your landlord – happy by providing your feline friend with a constructive place to sharpen their claws.

4)    Clean the Litter Box Regularly

Between work and other activities, it can be difficult to find time to dedicate to household chores.

But when you have a cat, finding time to clean out the litter box is an essential part of caring for your pet. Without a clean litter box, cats often seek “alternative” litter boxes such as bedding and flooring among other things.

5)    Sweep (or Vacuum) Around the Litter Box Regularly

When cats use the litter box, they try to cover up their “business” with cat litter. When this happens, it’s common for small amounts of litter to find their way onto the flooring surrounding the litter box.

By taking a few minutes each day to sweep or vacuum the area surrounding the litter box, you can increase the longevity of your flooring and the likelihood of getting your security deposit back.

Sharing your apartment with a cat is much easier than living with dogs. Although cats are incredibly low-maintenance and easy to clean-up after, it’s important to provide them with resources like a clean litter box and a scratching post to keep them content and curb destructive behaviors.
To learn about how to bring your feline friend with you to Adam’s Crossing, contact our leasing office.