How often should you clean your apartment?

How Often Should you Clean your Apartment?

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How often should you clean your apartment?


How often do you clean your apartment?

For most of us, keeping a clean home requires a cleaning schedule. It’s rare for house chores to get done on-time unless you intentionally setting time aside; after all, between work, family obligations, and enjoying free time, it can be hard to find time to fit things like laundry onto your priority list.

But keeping a clean home can do wonders for your health – and wallet!

According to studies, a tidy home can increase clarity of thought, reduce stress, and lower rates of depression. Additionally, keeping a cleaner home increases your chances of reclaiming your security deposit.

Use the weekly cleaning schedule below to keep your home clean during the week. Happy cleaning!


Weekly Guide to Cleaning your Apartment



Out of all the household chores, laundry needs the most attention. Clothes, bedding, and towels should be washed on a weekly basis. New apartments in Charles County MD (like Adams Crossing) offer energy efficient appliances to help reduce the energy costs associated with cleaning; to save even more on utilities, try washing your clothes with cold water.


Most apartments come with carpeting in the living and sleeping areas. While carpet can be a comfort on cold winter days, it’s also one of the most difficult to clean floor coverings.

There are two key reasons vacuuming regularly is a crucial part of any cleaning routine.


Reclaim your Security Deposit


By vacuuming regularly, you’ll be able to pull up the dirt and dust that often causes carpets to deteriorate prematurely. Because flooring is a part of your rental unit, keeping it clean (and intact!) is essential for receiving your security deposit back.


Better indoor air quality


Carpets are notorious for contributing to poor indoor air quality, primarily because they collect dust and dirt in their many fibers. People with pets should vacuum daily. If you don’t have animals, vacuuming every other day is recommended.


When dirt and debris is left on vinyl, engineered wood, or laminate floors, they can cause premature wear and tear like scratches and stains. Sweeping is key to keeping your kitchen and bathroom floors clean and scratch-free. Although households with pets will likely have to sweep more often, most families sweep once a day.

Brush your Pets

Pet owners know that their furry friends are the most common source for messes. But did you know that the impact pets have on your home goes beyond torn-up socks and stray bits of kibble?

Dogs and cats shed year-round, which is a large contributor to poor indoor air quality. Pick up a quality brush at your local pet store, and make brushing a part of your daily routine to prevent loose hairs from becoming trapped in your clothes and carpet.


Keeping your apartment clean is important for more than just reducing clutter, it also helps to reduce stress levels and improve indoor air quality. It’s common practice for apartments in Charles County MD to require apartments be returned to management in clean condition. By creating (and adhering to) a weekly cleaning regimen, you can increase the likelihood of getting more of your security deposit back.