cleaning up spills

5 Tips that Make Cleaning Up Spills a Breeze!

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cleaning up spills

Cleaning up spills can be challenging, but let’s face it, life happens. All of us spill sometimes, regardless of how grown up we are. And when your household includes children, you are even more likely to have spills on a regular basis.

Cleaning up spills, as well as removing pesky stains that they may cause, can be a lot easier than you think, especially when you have the right solutions on hand to tackle spills as soon as they occur. Here are five tips for cleaning up spills from your carpet, floors, and other surfaces in your apartment quickly so they look as good as new.

1.) Don’t Let Spills Wait

Cleaning up spills quickly can prevent stains or other damage to your surfaces. Heavy spills left on carpet, for example, can seep down into the carpet pad and even into the sub-floor below if not cleaned up quickly, while liquid spills on laminate flooring and wooden furniture can cause warping. Also, many liquids are easier to clean up before they have time to set in, dry, and form stains.

2.) Have Your Cleaner Ready

If you have small children or have to clean up spills often, keep a bottle of spray carpet clean on hand, along with paper towels or re-usable cleaning cloths. You can purchase carpet cleaner from any store that sells household items or make an inexpensive home mixture yourself. Just combine a few tablespoons of white vinegar and non-bleach detergent with water and mix it in a plastic bottle that you can purchase from your closest dollar store.

3.) Give Some Spills More Attention

Some types of liquids stain easier than others, and they may require a little more attention. These include red wine, ink, and even blood, when your child has a nose bleed, for instance. While your homemade solution of vinegar, water, and non-bleach detergent should do the trick for coffee spills on fabric or carpets, other stains may require something different. For example, blood stains should be removed with cold water mixed with an oxygenating cleanser like OxiClean®; never use warm water. To remove ink stains, if the vinegar solution doesn’t work, you should try cleaning the stain with isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover and a clean white cloth. Repeated treatments may be needed to completely remove the stain.

4.) Clean Carpets Using the Right Technique

There is actually a right way for cleaning up spills on carpet. First, blot the spill with a paper towel or reusable cloth. It’s important to remove as much of the spill as possible before you being rubbing. If you don’t, you will just push the spill farther down into the carpet and carpet pad beneath where it will be impossible to reach. Next, spray your homemade or a purchased carpet cleaning solution on the spill area, and then let it soak into the stain for about 10-15 minutes or as long as the product recommends. After waiting, gently rub out the stain with a clean, dry paper towel or cloth; just remember not to rub too hard as this can push the spilled liquid deeper into the carpet fibers. Repeat this spraying and rubbing process if needed. Once the stain is removed, be sure to let the area dry well before walking on it.

5.) Protect Your Surfaces

While spills are inevitable for most of us, you can protect your surfaces by covering the areas where spills are most likely to occur. For example, if your family members like to snack and have drinks around the coffee table while watching movies together, you may want to cover the carpet under the table with a large area rug or even several low-cost throw rugs to protect your carpet. You can also purchase inexpensive carpet tape or film for use in areas where you’re not so concerned about how it will look. Coasters, trays, or cloth table covers can protect furniture where you’re prone to setting glasses or dishes of food. Also, to help prevent spills, you may want to limit drinking to certain areas of the home like the kitchen and dining room. Consider using spill-proof cups with lids and straws, especially for kids.

Cleaning Up Pet Stains

You can also utilize these tips and techniques for cleaning up after pets. Muddy paws, drool, and potty accidents quickly ruin floors and furnishings if not cleaned up quickly. The sooner you attend to the accident, the less likely it will leave a stain, discoloration, or lingering odor. Some cleaning brands offer specific products for cleaning up pet stains, such as Nature’s Miracle and Eco-88, so keep one of these on hand for quick clean up.

We Hope You Never Stress Again Over Cleaning Up Spills and Stains!

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