Connect with your Neighbors on the Nextdoor App

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Lying in bed each night in your luxury apartment at Adam’s Crossing, you scroll through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram newsfeeds before drifting off to sleep. The next social media app to add to your rotation is called Nextdoor. This app aims to bring the community aspect back to your neighborhood by providing a new way to share information with people living in your area.

Download the Nextdoor App

Connect with other residents at Adam’s Crossing by downloading the free Nextdoor app onto your phone. The app prompts you to enter your address and email, in order to place you in one of the 151,000 neighborhoods across the country stored in Nextdoor. Members can verify their identity in several ways, but the least intrusive is to provide your phone number. Nextdoor encourages members to use their real first and last names, rather than a fake username, to foster transparency. This also helps to make fraud less likely.

After creating your account, your newsfeed populates with postings from members of your neighborhood. To filter posts according to type, click the icon in the bottom right corner of your phone screen. Choose from Recommendations, Classifieds, Free Items, Crime & Safety, Lost & Found, Documents, and General.

How to Use the Nextdoor App

Use the Nextdoor app as a resource to find a reputable car mechanic, hairstylist, veterinarian, or a variety of other services in your area. The Classifieds and Free Items sections offer a sustainable solution for disposing of old belongings, as well as finding new-to-you items for your apartment at Adam’s Crossing. The Crime & Safety section keeps everyone informed about potential hazards to the community. Additionally, the Lost & Found feature increases the chances of being reunited with your favorite ring you lost or your driver’s license that slipped out of your wallet.

In addition to serving as a forum for local, relevant information, the Nextdoor app also brings neighbors together socially. Invite other Adam’s Crossing residents to a Happy Hour at your apartment, or a Labor Day picnic at the outdoor barbecue station. Find a new running buddy, or organize a weekly board game club in Adam’s Crossing’s 5,000+ square foot community clubhouse.

To make the Nextdoor app a success in your neighborhood, receiving AND sharing information is a requirement. Recommend your favorite restaurants, post your old television stand on the app before throwing it in the dumpster, or initiate a special interest group, such as wine or beer tasting. When members regularly contribute, your neighborhood’s newsfeed becomes more lively and helpful. Who knows? You may even start checking Nextdoor more often than Instagram.

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