creative ways to store toys

Creative Ways to Store Toys

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creative ways to store toysChildren’s toys can easily turn your otherwise immaculately organized luxury apartment upside down. While your child is laughing to beeping robots, flashing lights, and messy slime, you cringe as you see green Play-Doh get smashed into the white carpet and tiny puzzle pieces get mixed in with the LEGOs. Although toys may not give you the same joy that they used to, you can still save your feet from LEGOs and your carpet from Play-Doh — while still letting your children’s imaginations shine.

Here are some creative ways to store toys so that you can enjoy a tidy apartment and your little ones can play until it’s time for bedtime stories:

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

If your child is an animal lover, they probably have a variety of stuffed animals. To keep your house from looking like a zoo, purchase a storage bean bag and fill it with stuffed animals. You get fun seating and smart storage in a single solution!

Can Containers

If you have a lot of empty cans and bottles, use them to create containers for small toys like LEGOs. To do this, snip the top off of a used can or bottle, rinse it out in the sink, and let it dry overnight. Buff off any sharp or jagged edges. Afterwards, paint the container with a color of your choice (or cover it with scrapbooking paper) and store small toys inside. This is an inexpensive way to keep small toys organized in the same place and off your floor.

Shoe Organizer

Another creative way to store toys is to put them in a shoe organizer. These come in a variety of colors and sizes, and many of them can hang on the back of a door or from clothing rack. To use a shoe organizer for this purpose, purchase one with multiple compartments, and fill it with your children’s most frequently used toys for easy access and cleanup. Tip: Keep toys that require adult supervision at the top of the organizer, out of your children’s reach. Store toys that require less supervision lower down. You can even label the pockets!

Parenting presents all sorts of challenges, but neatly storing toys doesn’t have to be one of them. With these tips for creative ways to store toys, both children and parents can enjoy a tidy living space.

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