decorating for spring

Decorating for Spring at Adams Crossing

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decorating for spring

Want to give your apartment a fresh look for spring? Consider combining spring cleaning with a decorating session. To get started, read the tips below.

Use Your Space Well

It’s important to maximize every inch of space in your apartment. The question becomes, how can you do this without overcrowding? Install standing shelves.  

Shelves come in all colors, price ranges, and designs. They are an excellent way to store your belongings while freeing up as much space as possible, and they’re great for organizing. We recommend one shelf for books, another for plants and pictures, and one for items to grab on your way out the door. Target, Amazon, and IKEA all offer standing shelves that don’t cause any damage to the walls of your apartment. Be careful to not install wall shelves, as the cost to repair the walls will be taken out of your security deposit.

Don’t Forget About Color!

Having too many colors in one space can create an overwhelming atmosphere. For this reason, it’s best to simplify your color scheme to two or three colors while decorating for spring.

Black/white, black/grey, and grey/white color schemes are popular because they are easy to accommodate while shopping. You can always find furniture in these colors. Neutral color palettes also offer versatility, because whenever you want to buy new furniture, you can simply vary the shades of the colors you already have. Additionally, these neutral colors create a tasteful and modern feel.

Having neutral colored furniture also gives you the flexibility to dramatically change the look of your luxury apartment without having to buy a new set of furniture every time. Pair your neutral primary palette with an accent color like orange or a soft teal for spring. These cheerful colors pop nicely against white furniture. You can also easily swap them out for more earthy toned accent pieces in the autumn.

The 3 P’s

Pictures, posters, paintings. These are the “3 P’s” of personalization. Personalizing your living space turns your apartment into a place where you feel free to relax and unwind. Pictures, posters, and paintings give your space a personal touch. Photographs of loved ones, posters of your favorite bands and movies, and inexpensive paintings of beautiful destinations are examples of the possibilities the three P’s grant you.

Located in Waldorf, MD, Adams Crossing offers affordable luxury apartments ranging from two to three bedrooms that are easy to personalize while decorating for spring. Haven’t taken a tour of Adam’s Crossing yet? Schedule a tour with one of our marketing professionals to see why we’re a 2017 Top Rated apartment community through ApartmentRatings!