The Difference Between Regular and Luxury Apartments in Maryland

In Apartment Living by Adam's Crossing Apartments

While shopping for your next rental unit, it’s likely you’ll run into advertisements for “luxury” apartment complexes. It’s only natural to wonder what makes a luxury apartment different from the standard rental unit most people find themselves leasing. Although there are a number of apartment complexes who mislabel themselves as “luxury,” today we’ll explain what to expect from properties with legitimate luxury apartments in Maryland.


The elevated cost of a luxury apartment is probably the first thing you’ll notice shopping for an available luxury unit, but don’t worry – luxury apartments are priced higher simply because the quality of living they provide is also higher. To put it simply, the increased prices match the improved quality of life you can expect when leasing a luxury unit.


Just as the cost of a luxury apartment home is slightly more than the cost of a traditional unit, the inclusions each rental are much more than you would expect in a “standard” apartment. Some of the upgraded amenities & inclusions you can expect in a luxury apartment complex in Maryland include:

A more modern design

Nobody wants to live in an apartment that looks like it just stepped out of the 80’s. In a luxury unit, you can expect to bring your guests home to a modern, eye-pleasing floorplan.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Luxury apartments in Maryland like Adams Crossing tend to feature energy efficient lighting and appliances. The luxury units in Adams Crossing provide residents with Energy-Star Certified microwaves, dishwashers, and ovens. Not only do these appliances look nicer than their older counterparts, they also consume less electricity and help to save money on the monthly utility bill.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can be used for extra counter space, a breakfast bar, or as a storage area. Not all luxury apartments feature a detached kitchen island, but some (like Adams Crossing) do!

A Full-Sized Pantry

Especially when living with family, having access to plenty of pantry space is an enormous benefit. Depending on the luxury apartment complex you choose to lease from, it’s likely you’ll have extra pantry space to store canned goods and other essentials.

Upgraded Flooring

When you pay a little extra to live in a luxury apartment, it’s only right to expect updated flooring. Most luxury apartment complexes offer their residents stylish vinyl or engineered timber plank floors to contribute to the unit’s contemporary design.

Walk-In Closets

Storage is often a huge problem for people who have lots of personal belongings or share common space with housemates. While the residents of average rental units may struggle to find more storage space in their closet, those who live in luxury apartments have extra room (and space-saving shelving) to create more storage space and reduce clutter.

Although luxury apartment complexes are a slightly larger investment that other “standard” rental options, the improved level of lifestyle quality and space (not to mention the amount saved from energy-efficient fixtures) makes up for the slightly higher cost. If you’re interested in renting a luxury apartment in Maryland, contact our leasing office at 240-585-7100.