The Dirtiest Parts of Apartments in Charles County, MD

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Apartments in Charles County MD

More often than not, the (occupied) luxury apartments in Charles County, MD are sparkling clean- to the untrained eye.

When it comes to each unit’s actual sanitation, however, even the most diligent housekeepers can be fooled by the illusion of clean surfaces. While most people focus their attention on household items like the toilet bowl and their kitchen countertops, they shouldn’t necessarily be your top priority. Instead, other household items like sponges and carpeting can hold more contaminants than crumb-covered countertops.

The dirtiest places in your apartment:

  1. Your Kitchen Sink
    While most apartment residents fret over the cleanliness of their bathroom rink, it’s actually the kitchen sink they should be worried about. Believed to be most bacteria-ridden item in your entire home, the kitchen sink is plagued by germs from your household sponge, which is notorious for spreading germs from one dish to another. Because the sponge is also one of the most used items in the household, apartments in Charles County, MD would do well to sanitize it on a regular basis. Don’t worry, the process is easy: simply let your sponge sit in a chlorine bleach and water mixture for about half a minute per day to kill most of the germs within.
  2. The Bathtub
    Bathtubs offer us a private place to clean off each day, but how often do you clean the dirt and grime from your tub? If your answer is occasionally, then it’s likely the bathtub floor is starting to harbor moisture-friendly bacteria (like Staph infection) that can make you seriously ill. Needless to say, it’s important to clean your tub on a regular basis to avoid outbreaks of bacteria. As you clean, move bath mats and shampoo bottles from the area so that you can clean the entire porcelain surface. Not only does this keep your whole tub sparkling white, it also helps to prevent mold from growing in the dark areas underneath your shower accessories.
  3. The Refrigerator
    Although most homes and apartments in Charles County, MD don’t struggle with food-borne bacteria like salmonella, those who do may find that the root of their issue is the sanitation of their refrigerator. Because your fridge houses everything from meats to vegetables, it’s not uncommon for families to get food poisoning from cross-contamination.
  4. Your Carpeting
    In the flooring world, carpeting is well known as one floor covering that actually traps contaminants like dust, mold, and pet dandruff. Because indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than outside air, the EPA has listed indoor air quality as one of the top environmental dangers to society. To prevent mold and dust from remaining in your carpet, be sure to vacuum regularly and dry up spills immediately.

Despite the germs in your apartment, regular cleaning can make a big difference in the sanitation and indoor air quality of your unit. Apartments in Charles County, MD can fight off the hazards of these bacteria-rich areas by using strong household cleaners to kill germs. The dirtiest parts of your apartment will always house some type of bacteria, but regularly cleaning with supplies like bleach will reduce the likelihood of getting sick. Which of these areas do you think is the dirtiest in your home? Let us know in the comments!