Which East-Coast Cities Have the Highest Apartment Rent?

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The cost of rent is usually the first thing people look at when deciding whether to stay in their current rental or move somewhere else, and with good reason. But is the cost of rent in the East Coast’s most expensive cities worth it?

How Much Does it Cost to Live On the East Coast?

Newark, New Jersey: The average cost of an apartment for rent in Newark is roughly $850 a month, and the average square footage for a rental apartment is only 650 square feet!

Jacksonville, Florida:One of Florida’s primary business hubs, Jacksonville is home to everything from museums to beaches. To live in Jacksonville, residents shell out an average of $896 a month for their rental unit.

Tampa, Florida: Known for year-round warm weather and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, there’s always something to do in Tampa. Located near the water, the average cost of rent in Tampa is $1100 a month.

Miami, Florida: The exciting atmosphere and fitness-oriented beach scene of Miami is well-known throughout the country. The combination of nightlife opportunities and outdoor activities continues to increase housing costs throughout Miami – today, the average cost of rent is about $2000 a month.

Baltimore, Maryland: A bustling cityscape with plenty of nearby outdoor recreation, Baltimore offers residents plenty of year-round activities to take part in. Unfortunately, to rent a small apartment in Baltimore costs an average of $1175 a month.
Charlotte, North Carolina: One of the largest commercial hubs in North Carolina, an apartment in Charlotte cost residents roughly $1265 a month.

Atlanta, Georgia: Atlanta is the state capitol of Georgia and is well known for its abundant nightlife. To stay in the heart of Atlanta, expect to pay about $1387 a month in rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

Boston, Massachusetts: Packed with abundant history, beautiful scenery, and a surprisingly calm atmosphere, Boston is one of the most popular places to live and visit on the East Coast. As a result, the average cost for an apartment in Boston is roughly $2025 a month!

Washington, DC: Living in the capitol of America doesn’t come cheap! Residents of Washington D.C. pay an average of $2172 a month for (roughly) 699.49 square feet – ouch! Thankfully, by choosing to commute from nearby cities like Annandale or Waldorf, renters are able to secure a much larger living space for a lower price.

New York, New York: One of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. is New York. A city full of opportunity for career growth and social excitement, New York rental units charge insane prices. Just how much do New Yorkers spend to stay in the Big Apple? According to research, the average apartment for rent in New York costs roughly $2200 a month for an average square footage of 750 square feet.

Living on the east coast offers beautifully-balanced weather and plenty of opportunities to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities. Many people who choose to live on the East Coast do so for the abundant history and the opportunities found in the region’s many commercial hubs. Thankfully, it’s possible to find affordable apartment rentals throughout the East Coast for those who look in the right places.

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