End-of-Summer Decorating for Apartments in Charles County, MD

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Who Says Summer Can’t Be Enjoyed Indoors?

Apartments in Charles County, MD are conveniently located next to plenty of outdoor activities, but after a long week at work it can be just as nice to relax at home. If staying indoors is one of your favorite ways to unwind, embrace what’s left of summer by freshening up your apartment with these end-of-summer decorating ideas.

Rearrange Furniture

August and September offer plenty of sunshine and relaxing breezes, but enjoying the weather isn’t just for outdoor activities. By rearranging your furniture to sit next to a window or door, you can savor the summer sun and warm air from home while reading a book or watching TV.

Add New Décor

Most apartments in Charles County, MD are conveniently located near three different flea markets, where local art and beautiful home décor appear in abundance. Try adding a new feel to your apartment by adding local art to your unit. Light summer colors like yellows, oranges, and greens take advantage of the bright summer light, but will also help to keep your apartment vibrant during dull winter months as well.

Bring your Green Thumb Indoors

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean gardening season is over. The end of summer is a still great time to practice your green thumb, even if you don’t have outdoor space for gardening. Succulents and other apartment-friendly plants can thrive through winter if cared for properly, just be sure to place each plant over a tea towel so excess soil and water is soaked up.

Out with the Old

Spring isn’t the only time of year that’s excellent for deep-cleaning your apartment. As summer draws to a close, there’s no better time to go through your closet and get rid of clothes you haven’t used recently. Emptying out old garments now will free up space when the time comes for winter shopping, and will give you more room to store things like shoes and personal items.

Make Use of Outdoor Space

Spending time in the sun offers hundreds of health benefits, from fighting depression to improving bone health. In Maryland, the cold can limit the amount of time we spend outdoors and making the most of summer is everyone’s priority. If your apartment has a patio or balcony, use your outdoor space while the warm weather is still here! Barbequing, reading, or relaxing in the sun are all affordable ways you can pass time in the sun without leaving the house.

Adding a touch of summer to your apartment’s décor is a great way to embrace the remaining weeks of warm weather. Rearrange furniture and spend time in your outdoor living space to take advantage of the sunshine we have left. Residents who choose to bring plants indoors should be careful to avoid overwatering or spilling soil into their carpeting, and keep in mind any holes from wall-hung décor should be covered up before vacating your unit.

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