Entertaining in one bedroom apartments in Charles Count, MD is possible - just plan ahead!

Entertaining Guests in A One-Bedroom Apartment

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Entertaining in one bedroom apartments in Charles Count, MD is possible - just plan ahead!

Can you Entertain in A One-Bedroom Apartment? 

Living in a one-bedroom apartment doesn’t mean that your social life has to decrease. In fact, many apartment renters can entertain friends and family for holidays and get-togethers without any trouble. Most one-bedroom apartments in Charles County, MD have enough square footage to enjoy a night in with friends – as long as you make a few preparations in advance.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best tips for entertaining guests in a small space.

Clean up first

Having a clean home can make your apartment feel more spacious and welcoming.

The day before your guests arrive, deep clean your home by mopping, vacuuming, and “tidying up” any day-to-day clutter in your common areas. On the day of your event, give your home a quick tidying up if needed.

Start Cooking Before Hand

If you plan on serving food at your get-together, try to plan a menu that will be easy to cook, serve, and clean up. 

Large intricate dinners aren’t best if you intend to invite more than three guests. Instead, prepare a menu that can be cooked and plated beforehand to save time on the actual day of the party.

Use Coat Closets and Hangers

Wall-mounted coat hangers take up a small amount of space and can save your entertaining area from the clutter of coats.  If you’re lucky enough to have a coat closet in your home, request that guests leave their shoes there.

Designate a Place for Adults and Children

Adults and children enjoy different activities. If you’re expecting young children to attend your get-together, consider giving the kids a section of the house to play or watch television.

Don’t Over Invite

Entertaining is fun. Unfortunately, living in a small space requires limiting the number of people at your get-togethers.   Space for seating can quickly become limited in a one-bedroom, and a large number of guests will likely cause your home’s noise volume to grow loud enough to disturb your neighbors.

Before sending your invitations, consider how many people your home can really accommodate. If you expect a large number of people to attend, consider alerting your neighbors a day or two before the event out of consideration.

Enjoying family get-togethers and entertaining your friends doesn’t have to stop when you move into a small apartment. If you prepare for your events in advance, keep your noise levels low, and keep your apartment home clean, you can enjoy get-togethers year-round.

Adam’s Crossing offers one bedroom apartments in Charles County, MD that are large enough to entertain guests year-round. If you’re looking for a new home for you and your family, contact our leasing office at (240) 585-7100 to find your new home.