essential oils

Essential Oils and Their Benefits

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essential oils

There are numerous myths surrounding the benefits of essential oils. They include claims that the substances can prevent diseases, “cure” illnesses, and even reverse signs of aging. Essential oils do not have any of these superpowers. Still, there are many ways you can use these oils to benefit both yourself and your family.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are liquid plant extracts. They can be taken from any part of a plant including its leaves, petals, and stems. They are famous for their strong odor which closely matches the plants they come from. All the uses of essential oils are related to their unique scents.

What Are the Benefits of Essential Oils?

One of these uses is to distribute the oils throughout a living space to give the area a pleasant smell. Lemon oil is commonly used for this purpose. To do this, mix your favorite oil with water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and spritz furniture, drapes, and carpeted flooring with the concoction.

After cleaning (or a long day at work), you may want to reward yourself with a relaxing bath. For a spa-like experience, add a few drops of oil into warm bath water. Afterwards, put a few more drops into your favorite lotion and apply to your tired arms and legs. For this use, lavender oil is recommended.

If you’re still worn-out after your bath, remember that allergy season is in full swing. If the pollen has you sneezing up a storm, purchase a diffuser from your local gift shop and fill it with eucalyptus oil. The vapor of this oil has decongestant properties and will have you feeling better in no time.

Unfortunately, life goes on no matter how busy or tired we may feel. In hectic moments, essential oils can boost your memory, helping you retain crucial information. Our sense of smell is strongly connected to our ability to form memories, so if you have a presentation at work, an important to-do-list, or a test at your university, look over the items you want to remember while smelling an essential oil. When you smell the oil later – perhaps right before performing the stressful task – you’ll have an easier time recalling the items you memorized.

How Should I Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a wonderful way to add sophistication to your life. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using them, especially if you plan on applying them directly to your body. First, when applying essential oils to your body, only apply them to your arms and legs. Some oils can severely irritate sensitive areas.

Second, always test a small patch of skin on the inside of your wrist before using an oil anywhere else.  By doing this, you give yourself a chance to notice a bad reaction before it gets worse.

Never ingest an essential oil, and always dilute your oils with a generous amount of water. Alternatively, mix them with a carrier oil like coconut oil. Finally, if you are pregnant or undergoing hormone therapy, consult with your doctor before making essential oils part of your daily routine.

Where Can I Purchase Essential Oils?

Essential oils can be purchased through several different companies, including Scentsy, Young Living, and others off of Amazon. These companies also offer diffusers to distribute the oils around your luxury apartment. If you prefer to shop local, you can also find essential oils for sale at local farms like Lovemore Lavender.

Essential oils are continually growing in popularity, mostly due to to their pleasant scents and ability to bring relaxation to your home. Whether you choose to use essential oils as an air freshener, memory stimulant, or as part of your self care routine, this is a lifestyle trend your whole family can enjoy.

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