girl scouts in waldorf

Celebrate Your Local Girl Scouts in Waldorf – Buy Cookies!

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girl scouts in waldorf

You’ve probably passed a table of Girl Scouts in Waldorf at a grocery store selling their delicious, wildly popular cookies. After they convinced you to buy more cookies than you could possibly eat, you may have asked yourself, “Who are these young entrepreneurs and what do they do the rest of the year?” Let’s take a look at the history of the Girls Scouts and the influence these impressive young women have on communities all over the country. You may feel inspired to volunteer or sign your daughter up for the Girl Scouts troop in Waldorf.

History of the Girl Scouts

Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low founded the Girls Scouts on March 12th, 1912 when she organized a meeting for the first troop of Girl Guides in Savannah, Georgia. Low wanted to create an organization that would teach girls about nature and help them believe in themselves and the positive impact they could have on the world.

In 1913 the Girl Guides of America changed its name to the Girl Scouts of America. The organization moved its headquarters to New York City in 1915. It earned a congressional charter in 1950. Today there are over 1.8 million Girl Scouts. The organization is officially named the Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

Girls Scouts wear a uniform consisting of a vest, tunic, sash (for displaying badges) and khaki pants or skirts.

Girl Scout Activities

Girl Scouts participate in various outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, and backpacking. They also complete service projects. These include manning food pantries, visiting nursing homes, and obtaining first aid certification. The organization also strongly encourages girls to study STEM subjects, rewarding various robotic, digital, and mathematic accomplishments with badges.

Benefits of Girl Scouts

So why should you sign your daughter up for Girl Scouts in Waldorf? And why should you purchase those delectable cookies? Girl Scouts teaches young girls critical leadership and problem-solving skills to set them up for a lifetime of success. Girl Scouts also learn the importance of serving others through community projects and gain a diverse group of potentially lifelong friends.

Now that you know more about Girl Scouts, you can feel good about snacking on their cookies. Encourage young women in your family to join this empowering organization.

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