guilt-free holiday eating

Tips for Guilt-Free Holiday Eating

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guilt-free holiday eatingOne of the best parts about the holidays is all of the wonderful food, but meal after meal of high-calorie dishes and rich desserts can leave you in a weeklong food coma. Try these tips for guilt-free holiday eating so you don’t dig yourself a hole for the new year.

Bring something healthy

If the meal you’re attending is potluck style, you’re in luck! While a huge spread of yummy dishes may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, you have control over what you contribute. Make sure your dish is something healthy so you know there is at least one nutritious option on the table.

Fill half of your plate with vegetables

Mentally dividing your plate in half and filling it with veggies offers a sound strategy for portion control. Salad, green beans, cooked carrots — all good stuff to pile up on. The low calorie to volume ratio of vegetables allows you to consume a large quantity of food without “overeating.”

Drink lots of water

Consuming plenty of water throughout the day helps keep you full and balances your body’s nutrient levels. Especially when consuming alcohol during holiday festivities, hydrating your body with water before, during, and after becomes a critical element to feeling well the next day. It can also help you say no to that third cup of eggnog.

Small plates for dessert

Another tip for portion control is to select a small plate and limit yourself to one trip to the dessert table. A small plate filled with a few treats appears more satisfying than a large dinner plate with the same amount of food on it.

Don’t skip meals beforehand

When you know a big meal or party is approaching, you may be tempted to skip meals in an attempt to “save up” for the event. Don’t fall into this trap! This leads to overeating, because when you finally make it to the meal, you’re starving! It’s best to eat normal, healthy meals leading up the event so you aren’t inclined to binge later.

Don’t deprive yourself

The holidays only last for a short time, so don’t deprive yourself of what you enjoy. Remember the half plate of veggies rule? Well there’s still the other half of your plate to fill with ham, mashed potatoes, or whatever your heart desires!

We hope these guilt-free holiday eating tips allow you to enjoy all of your upcoming events and focus on the most important part of the meal: the people with whom you’re eating.

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