halloween candy alternatives

Halloween Candy Alternatives

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halloween candy alternatives

Halloween is practically here! While the threat of ghosts and ghouls may encourage more cautious celebrants to stay indoors, it does nothing to deter the thousands of children who dress up in vibrant costumes to go door to door asking for sweet surprises. Since Adams Crossing is such a family-friendly apartment community, it’s likely that you’ll receive several exuberant knocks on your door, followed by, “Trick-or-Treat!” If you want to spice up your Trick-or-Treat routine this year by offering something other than candy, look no further. This is a list of Halloween candy alternatives that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

1) Booklets

Getting children to take a break from their smart phones and iPads is always a worthwhile endeavor. Consider swapping out the Halloween sugar for little booklets. Trick-or-treat booklets could be informational (ex. how to fold origami, recipe booklets, bird-sighting booklets) or more artistic like small comic or coloring books. Either way, parents will be happy you saved their kids from yet another sugar rush.

2) Coupons

Children can be expensive! Help offset a bit of that cost by passing out coupons or $5 gift cards to kid-friendly restaurants, amusement parks, bookstores, or even children’s department stores. Your thoughtfulness will definitely be appreciated.

3) Cultural Trinkets

Consider sharing a piece of your heritage as a Halloween gift. Not only will the present be unique, it will also teach the child about cultures different from their own and start a conversation about cultural diversity. This could be a folded paper crane, a maraca, a lei, or another item from your culture.

4) Jewelry

What better time to give out costume jewelry than a holiday dedicated to dressing up in costumes? Cartoon character necklaces, dramatic clip-on earrings, and friendship bracelets are all kid-friendly accessories.

5) Stickers

Children love to adorn all of their belongings with stickers of every shape, size, and texture. Purchase a book of stickers, and use scissors to cut the pages into sections with four to six stickers on each piece, depending on the size of the stickers.

6) Seeds

Everyone remembers the joy and curiosity they felt in elementary school when the whole class planted seeds and watched them sprout over the course of a couple weeks. Why not recreate this moment for your trick-or-treaters? Take special care in picking out plant seeds that can thrive from indoors so that the children don’t have to wait until spring to plant them outside. You can even include an instruction packet or small flower pot with the seeds.

We hope you found some inspiration for Halloween candy alternatives!

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