woman with golden retriever

How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

In Pets by Adam's Crossing Apartments

woman with golden retriever

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Dogs bring so much joy and fun into our lives, whether you own one, grew up with one, or tend to stop on the street to pet a dog passing by. However, while having a dog is lovely, it also requires a lot of responsibility. It’s important to understand that ahead of owning a dog to ensure that you and your furry friend live a happy and healthy life! Learn how to be a responsible dog owner to keep your dog, other dogs, and people safe.

Training, Training, & More Training

From taking your dog on a walk to bringing them along to enjoy a local restaurant’s patio, your dog must be adequately trained for various reasons. It makes everything safer for you, the dog, and those around you. Not to mention, it also makes everything easier! Ensure your dog gets adequately trained so that you can spend time together making memories simply and safely.

Maintain Your Dog’s Health

Just like humans, your dog’s health is essential! Taking your dog to annual vet appointments is crucial to ensure they have the proper vaccinations, receive necessary dental care, and get an overall wellness check. In addition, be sure to provide your pup with a nutritional diet. Some dogs are pickier than others, while others have allergies to different foods. Talk to your vet to ensure you’re feeding your dog what’s best for them.

Like vet trips and dental care, it’s equally important to provide your dog with mental and physical stimulation to ensure its energy needs are met. Understanding your breed will be incredibly helpful in knowing how often they need a walk, to play, and more. Numerous online sources provide “games” that can give dogs the mental stimulation they need.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash

You may have the most well-behaved dog, who can listen to your every command. While that may seem to warrant having your dog off-leash, think again! If your dog wants to go up to say hi to a dog that’s not quite as friendly or comfortable, it may not end well. Keeping your dog on the leash is crucial to the safety of your dog and other dogs. It’s respectful to those who have reactive or aggressive dogs, who may not do well greeting other dogs or people. When you’re out and about, be sure to keep your dog on the leash!

Speak for Your Dog

While you may know your dog’s wants and needs, not everyone else does. Should someone come up and pet them without asking you or letting your dog sniff their hand first, your dog could feel uncomfortable. You never want your dog to bite or get aggressive with anyone, but you should also be able to stand up for your dog! If you can sense they are not in the mood to be pet, speak up. Try to ensure people ask before petting your dog or say, “he or she doesn’t want to be pet right now,” or whatever you feel comfortable saying.

As a pet-friendly apartment community, Adam’s Crossing welcomes you and your dog and encourages you to recognize Responsible Dog Ownership Month year-round. Learning to be a responsible dog owner is an ongoing learning process that takes work. It isn’t easy, but it sure is rewarding. Make the world a better place for your furry friend so they can enjoy a happy, fulfilled life.

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