people drinking wine and eating

How to Host the Perfect Wine Night

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people drinking wine and eating

National Wine Day is May 25th! For all the wine lovers out there, this very well might be your favorite day of the year. Although you certainly don’t need a special day to enjoy a glass of wine, an occasion certainly helps. National Wine Day falls on a Tuesday this year, but perhaps you can have some friends over for a wine night! Check out these tips for hosting the perfect wine night.

Stock Up on a Few Bottles

First thing’s first, buying the wine! You want to make sure you have a couple of different varieties, so there’s a little something for everyone. Perhaps you can get a few different variations and do an at-home wine tasting! From red and rosé to white, the more bottles the merrier. Gather your glasses and set them out on the table or counter to create an adorable set-up for your wine!

Layout the Snacks

Everyone knows that a good wine night involves snacks. With this in mind, there’s really nothing better than a charcuterie board. Cheeses, meats, grapes, crackers, and other fun snacks are the perfect foods to have when sipping wine. We’ve all seen the beautifully crafted charcuterie boards on Instagram; why not try to make your own? If you’re in the mood for something on the sweeter side, you can even make a dessert board! Cookies, pretzels, marshmallows, chocolates, strawberries, you name it — now’s your time to get creative. If you’re interested in making dinner instead of snacking, check out our blog about wine pairings HERE.

Get the Games Going

While you certainly don’t need to plan any extravagant games, it is a good way to get the party started! Whether you play a classic game with cards or one of the specialty card games like Cards Against Humanity or Most Likely To, everyone will have a good time. Additionally, there are a variety of virtual games that are fun as well! Get everyone involved in a Jackbox game by simply connecting their cell phones using a game code. The options are endless!

Create a Cozy Environment

The key to a cozy wine night — candles and music. Pick some of your favorite scents and light the candles to make a warm glowy vibe! Additionally, make a playlist to feature your favorite fun songs to get everyone excited upon arrival.

From snacks and games to, of course, the wine, you will be ready to host the perfect wine night with friends in no time. Gather your closest pals and enjoy a classic night in together!

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