how to create a gallery wall

Express Yourself! Learn How to Create a Gallery Wall

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how to create a gallery wall

One of the easiest ways to spice up an apartment is hanging photos, posters, or paintings. Interior designers know this, and they’re going wild about a new trend called “gallery wall art.” This chic design turns a portion of a wall into a skillful arrangement of photos, posters, or paintings. The end result is a design that resembles an exhibition in an art gallery. If this idea appeals to you, keep reading for tips on how you can achieve the look in your own apartment at Adams Crossing.

Tips for How to Create a Gallery Wall

Pick a space.

A popular misconception about gallery wall art is that the artwork has to fill a whole wall. Sometimes this look is unique and eye-catching. However, filling an entire wall with artwork often looks cluttered and overwhelming. Play around with the idea of hanging art on a small section of a wall above a low piece of furniture like a table or a sofa. Alternatively, hang art in interesting nooks or slivers of space next to windows and doors.

Decide on a theme.

Not all of your art has to focus on the same thing. However, it’s a good idea to coordinate colors or settle on a general vibe. A good example would be a city-themed design that alternate bright street signs with posters of skyscrapers. Another example would be a study of the color blue that uses photos of periwinkle flowers, cloud-filled skies, and nesting bluebirds.

Plan it out.

Before you start hanging the art, use masking tape and measured squares of paper to plan out your idea. The last thing you want is to fuss with hooks and adhesive strips for an hour, only to find out that your artwork is too big or doesn’t fit on the wall. This will help you determine where you should place each element of your gallery before adhering it to your wall. 

We hope these ideas for how to create a gallery wall helps you express yourself and makes your apartment feel a little more like home. Happy decorating!

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