Father's Day gift

Inexpensive Father’s Day Gift Idea

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Father's Day gift

Need an inexpensive but thoughtful Father’s Day gift? We have you covered. Keep reading for a present that will touch the heart of any father (or father figure) with whom you share a few favorite songs and musical memories. 

In a nutshell, the gift is a personalized CD playlist. To make it, you will need a mason jar, ribbon, glue, markers, pens, sheets of colorful paper, a blank CD, a paper CD case, a computer (with a disc drive), and scissors.

Father’s Day Gift Instructions:

Step 1:

The first step is to make a list of songs that remind you of your father. You can do this on a sheet of scrap paper. The list can include some of his favorite songs, some of your favorite songs, songs you remember jamming out to together as a child, song with lyrics that contain inside jokes, etc.

After you make the list, give each song a number.

Step 2:

Next, cut the sheets of colorful paper into strips. On each strip, write something about each song on your list. This “something” can be a description explaining why you chose that song, an inside joke, a memory, or even a drawing.

After you’ve written your descriptions, write on each strip the number of the song that it describes. DO NOT WRITE THE NAMES OF THE SONGS ON THE STRIPS.

Step 3:

Next, burn a CD that contains all the songs on your list. Make sure the songs are in the number order that you gave them. Song #4 should be Track #4.

Step 4:

Roll up each strip of paper and tie it with a ribbon. Place all the rolls inside the mason jar and close the lid.

Step 5:

On a square of colorful paper, write these instructions:

Happy Father’s Day! Your present this year is a customized CD playlist, but there’s a twist! Read all the instructions before doing anything else.

Each roll of paper in this jar represents a song on the CD. Remove one roll from the jar, read what it says, and listen to the track on the CD that has the same number as the one written on the roll of paper. Continue this process – untying a roll of paper, reading what it says, and listening to the corresponding track – until there are no rolls left. I hope you find this gift as special as I find you.

Feel free to personalize the message, and then glue the instruction sheet to the side of the mason jar.

Step 6:

Next, put the CD in its protective case and tie the CD to the lid of the jar with a long strip of ribbon.

That’s it! We recommend that you deliver your Father’s Day gift with a smile and hug.

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