leaving your apartment for the holiday

Leaving Your Apartment for the Holiday? Make Sure to Do These 11 Things

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leaving your apartment for the holiday

Winter is the season for family visits, exotic getaways, and last-minute holiday parties. The constant fun can make it easy to forget about housekeeping, but poor decisions can transport you from a dream vacation to a dirty living space in no time. To keep the good vibes flowing long after returning home, complete the following checklist before leaving your apartment for the holiday.

Before Leaving Your Apartment:

1 – Take out the trash.

Empty every trash can you have. A bug infestation (or horrible smell) can put a quick end to your holiday fun.  

2 – Throw out all perishable food.

Remember that food that seems okay before a vacation can quickly spoil in your absence. Check expiration dates, and throw out anything at risk for going bad while you’re gone. This prevents a smelly mess to clean when you return home.

3 – Unplug all electronics.

Save money and energy by unplugging devices that no one will use while you’re gone. According to the NY Times, about a quarter of residential energy bills come from plugged in idle devices.

4 – Adjust your thermostat.

Lowering the thermostat by five degrees can make a big difference in your bill, while keeping your apartment at a tolerable temperature for when you return.

5 – Lock your door.

This safety tip is easy to forget but crucial to preventing regrettable incidents. Statistics reflect that break-ins occur more frequently around the holidays.

6 – Take care of wet clothes.

Make sure there are no wet clothes sitting in your washer or dryer when you leave your apartment for the holiday. Damp clothes left over the course of even a day can start mildewing. Better yet, go ahead and fold your laundry.

7 – Freshen up toilets and sinks.

Sprinkle baking soda into your toilet and down your sink drains. The solution will prevent bad odors and keep the toilet water from forming a ring around the bowl.  

8 – Wash dirty dishes.

Crusty, dry food can be almost impossible to scrub off after sitting for days. Also, insects love meal scraps, so be sure to clean and put away all dirty dishes.

9 – Turn off lights.

This tip saves energy, and there is no reason to keep lights on if no one is going to use them. This includes holiday tree lights too!

10 – Water house plants.

Give your plants a healthy watering before leaving your apartment for the holiday. If you travel often, consider purchasing a drip device that slowly releases water into the soil.

11 – Plan for pets.

Ask a friend if your pets can stay with them while you are away, or make a boarding reservation at a doggie daycare you trust. Make sure to clearly explain feeding habits and bathroom breaks.

We hope these tips make your apartment a place you are happy to return to after the holiday. The Adams Crossing team looks forward to seeing you in 2019!

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