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Leftover Valentine’s Day Chocolate? Try these Recipes!

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Let’s be honest, the best part about Valentine’s Day is actually the candy! Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it’s likely that you have more candy than you know what to do with — which seems like a good problem to have! If you don’t think you could possibly eat all of your leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate, you’re in luck. With these recipes, you’ll put your leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate to good use!

Chocolate Candy Fondue

If you have tons of chocolate candy lying around, try making some homemade chocolate candy fondue! This recipe by Happier than a Pig in Mud calls for chopped chocolate candy, heavy cream, and vanilla. In no time, you’ll be able to indulge in some delicious fondue from the comfort of your home. Dip fruits, leftover pieces of cake, or marshmallows, and enjoy this tasty dessert.

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do you have leftover Valentine’s Day M&Ms on hand? Try these delicious Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies by Kleinworth & Co.! Chewy cookies loaded with M&Ms, white chocolate chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips make for the perfect cure for your sweet tooth.

Image from Kleinworth & Co

Valentine’s S’mores Snack Mix

For another delicious recipe that utilizes leftover M&Ms, try this tasty Valentine’s S’mores Snack Mix by Happy Go Lucky! Not only is this snack mix delicious, but it’s incredibly simple to make. Simply toss together your leftover M&Ms and marshmallows, Golden Grahams cereal, and sprinkles. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a simple sweet treat to snack on!

valentine's day s'mores snack mix
Image from Happy Go Lucky

Candy Bar Pie

If you’re craving a simple yet indulgent dessert, try this Candy Bar Pie by Crazy for Crust! From M&Ms and Reese’s to Kit Kats and Hershey Kisses, the topping options are endless for this tasty pie. It’s time to get creative and, of course, use up all of that leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate!

Image from Crazy for Crust

If you’re at a loss of what to do with your leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate, try making one of these delicious desserts. Who says you need a special occasion to treat yourself to something sweet?

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