Learn to live with pets in apartments in Charles County MD

5 Tips for Living with Dogs in an Apartment

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Learn to live with pets in apartments in Charles County MD

Keep your dog (and your landlord) happy.

Most apartments in Charles County, MD are pet-friendly, but don’t underestimate how much work it takes to raise a dog. Living with dogs in an apartment can prove to be difficult.

As a pet owner, you’re accountable for your dog’s health and quality of life, but also for teaching them to be a respectful indoor pet. All too often, dog owners find that their furry friends are more destructive (or loud) than they could have imagined.

Needless to say, some destructive behaviors (like using the bathroom indoors or chewing on property) can make it impossible for a dog to continue living in an apartment.

If you’re struggling to teach your dog proper indoor etiquette, use these 5 tips below to start improving their behavior:

1)Keep them Physically Active

Whether you have a high-energy Husky or a relaxed Golden Retriever, it’s important to remember that all pets need regular exercise to keep them happy and physically tired. If dogs have an excess of physical energy, they will often find destructive ways to wear themselves out. Thankfully, there are plenty of pet-friendly hikes in the Waldorf area.

2)Mental Stimulation is Key

No matter how physically active you keep your pets, nothing is a substitute for keeping them mentally stimulated. Without plenty of activities to keep their mind stimulated, dogs could look for other ways to occupy themselves – like digging through the floor or chewing up your newest pair of shoes.

3)Spend Time In “Training”

When raising an indoor pet, training is essential.

If you have a new puppy, plan to take time off from work to potty train them. If you won’t be available throughout the day for bathroom breaks, crate training is recommended. Teaching them basic commands (such as sit, stay, and lay down) is recommended as well.

4)Invest in Toys

No matter how relaxed your dog is, investing in chew toys and bones is a sure way to keep them occupied with healthy activities. When they get an urge to chew, you can curb destructive behaviors by giving them a bone or stuffed chew toy to play with instead.

5); Give them Time Outside

When dogs don’t have a yard, it’s the owner’s duty to make sure they get plenty of time outside to enjoy fresh air and room to run. Take your dog to the park for a walk or a play date with another dog at least three times a week. Not only will this tire them out physically, it will also put them in a more manageable mood on the days they don’t get as much activity.

Although living with dogs in an apartment can be difficult, with training it can be a breeze! Whether you have a small Chihuahua or a large Husky, you can teach your dog to be a respectful indoor pet. By taking the time to give them adequate exercise, mental stimulation, and time to play outside, they can learn how to enjoy their time indoors without being destructive or loud.

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