top multi-level marketing companies

Looking for a Side Hustle? Check Out These Top Multi-Level Marketing Companies

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top multi-level marketing companies

If you’re looking for a side hustle to make extra money while keeping your current job, you might want to consider selling products for one of the top multi-level marketing companies. There are many multi-level marketing companies that require very low investment costs to start selling, yet they offer good commission rates.

What Are Multi-Level Marketing Companies?

Multi-level marketing companies, also called MLMs, sell directly to consumers using a marketing strategy that involves salespeople or distributors, who are not employees. These distributors are paid via commission for selling products. They also typically get a commission for the products sold by other people that they recruit to sell the products. Herbalife and Amway are examples of MLMs that you might recognize.

Top multi-level marketing companies usually offer distributors heavy discounts on products. But some MLMs require their distributors to pay monthly fees in order to be distributors. All these things should be considered when shopping for a multi-level marketing company for a side hustle. Also, since one of the main perks of selling products for an MLM is the discounts you receive on products, it’s a good idea to choose a company that sells products that you enjoy using yourself.

Here are five top multi-level marketing companies you might want to try for your side hustle because they require very low startup costs. There are many more out there as well. Just do your homework by reading reviews and all the small print before you pay anything.

5 Top Multi-Level Marketing Companies

1- Avon

Avon has been around for a long time. It requires only a $30 joining fee to start selling products, and that is offset by a gift of about $80 in free cosmetic products. You used to have to sell Avon door to door, but now you can just share a link online to sell to all your friends and family. Avon will deliver the products to them, so your work is minimal. Your discount is based on the size of each order.

2- Noevir

Like Avon, this company also sells skincare and haircare products. It’s easy to sign up online to sell their products. It requires the purchase of a $25 Business Consultant Kit.

3- Yuppy Puppy City Kitty (YPCK)

If you like high-quality pet products, you might want to consider this MLM. As a consultant or what this company calls a “pet advocate,” you purchase their premium pet items wholesale at steep discounts and then can make a profit by selling them to friends and family or to pet boutiques and pet shops at retail prices.

4- Watkins Co.

This company has been around for 150 years and sells kitchen and cooking products like baking mixes, spices and extracts, and grinders. The company website says that you can become a distributor of their products for just $29.95. Once you become a distributor, you can get discounts of up to 35%.

5- Nature’s Sunshine

This company sells nutritional products like vitamin and weight management supplements, probiotics, and essential oils. It’s easy to join online. It’s free when you purchase $40 of their products. You can get up to 33% off products when you purchase Nature’s Sunshine items wholesale, and then you make a profit when you sell them at full price.

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