Making the Most of an Apartment-Sized Kitchen

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apartment-sized kitchen

It’s no secret that apartment units are often extremely small; often, they lack reasonable amounts of space for storing cooking items like pots and pans, cooking utensils, and spices. For people who enjoy cooking, having enough space to keep all of your cooking gadgets organized can be more than just a challenge, it can be a down-right inconvenience. Thankfully, space saving kitchen gadgets and kitchen storage accessories can be used to create more space in your compact, apartment-sized kitchen and eliminate the inevitable clutter that comes with cooking in an apartment sized kitchen.

Useful Kitchen Accessories

Useful kitchen accessories such as flapping shelves, wall hooks, and storage jars can provide excellent locations for herbs, spices, and cooking utensils. By utilizing the vertical wall space in a rental unit, apartment dwellers can increase the amount of counter space they have available, allowing them to cook and chop without feeling cluttered.

Some examples of space saving kitchen gadgets include:

Collapsible Bowls: We’ve all found ourselves struggling to find space for our differently sized mixing bowls, and often jam them into any space that’s able to accommodate their bulk. Thankfully, you can purchase collapsible mixing bowls that not only neatly sit in one another, but also squish down into a small flat disc. If you’re on a limited budget, these collapsible mixing bowls by Prepworks are a great place to start.

Hanging Trashcans: Although they don’t take up room on our countertops, trashcans are one of the biggest culprits of limited kitchen space. Instead of simply placing your trash in an unused corner of the kitchen, try purchasing a hanging trashcan to place inside of cupboards or other hidden, out-of-the-way spaces.

Magnetic Spice Containers: As essential as spices are to a kitchen, they are difficult to store and even harder to organize. Thanks to magnetic spice containers like this one, being a great chef and living in a small apartment is entirely possible. These useful kitchen storage accessories allow you to hang spices on magnetic wall strips or your refrigerator, giving you more room in your cupboards to keep other things.

Cooking Tips for Small Kitchens

No matter how hard we try, some kitchens will simply be too small to keep organized all the time. When this happens, knowing a few cooking techniques for small kitchens can be helpful for keeping your cooking space clean and clutter free. If you’re ever low on counter space, or are planning a large party and want your kitchen as clean as possible when guests arrive, try finishing prep-work before starting to cook, as chopping and seasoning are time consuming, and leave the most mess. Try taking care of all your food preparation before your guests arrive, so that all you need to do is place food in (or on) the stove, and let it cook.

Cooking in a small apartment-sized kitchen doesn’t need to be a daily struggle. With the handy space saving kitchen gadgets we’ve discussed here, and a little planning and food preparation, you can create beautiful meals for yourself and your guests.

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