Moving in with a Significant Other – What you Need to Know

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Moving in together can be fun, if you communicate about certain things first.

Moving in with your Significant Other?

Sharing living space with your boyfriend or girlfriend is exciting when you communicate about expectations first. Moving in with a significant other requires both partners to make compromises and take on their fair share of household responsibilities.

If you plan on moving in with your significant other in the near future, discuss the following points with them to avoid difficulties down the road.

Discuss House Chores

Nobody really enjoys doing chores. Because of this, it’s important to know how you’ll split cooking and cleaning responsibilities before you move in.

While Adam’s Crossing offers easy to clean features like engineered wood flooring, cleaning is necessary. Ensure each person knows which chores they’re responsible for to keep your home clean. By figuring it out ahead of time, you will avoid piling responsibilities onto one person.

Decide Whether Finances Will Be Separate or Apart.

Whether you prefer to keep your finances separate or together, moving in with your significant other means you’ll be splitting financial responsibilities. Before signing your lease, discuss how you and your partner will handle money.

A few key questions to ask are:

  • Will finances be kept apart, or put together?
  • Who should write the rent check?  And when should each person’s portion of rent be ready to turn in?
  • How will we divide household bills (like utilities and groceries)?
  • Is each individual responsible for their emergency expenses?

Discussing finances with one another before moving in together is arguably the most important conversation you’ll have about sharing a home. Because money is one of the leading causes for family arguments, having a plan for your finances is crucial.

One you develop a plan for managing finances, set a budget for your expenses. Not only will a budget help you to pay your bills on time, it will also prevent miscommunications.

Equal Credit Responsibility.

When you rent an apartment, all adults on the lease are equally responsible for ensuring rent is on time and that the lease guidelines are followed. Inability to follow guidelines results in a dent on the credit score of everyone on the lease.

Furthermore, each adult living in the apartment is liable for any late payments, property damage, and outstanding charges during the tenancy. If you’re not sure if you can trust your partner to be financially responsible, delay moving in together until you’re both ready.

Talk About Consolidating Possessions

If both of you own furniture, you may have too much to fit it all comfortably in your apartment. Discuss which pieces of furniture, cooking utensils, and knick-knacks will be kept. Then, you can decide which you will sell or put into storage.

Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting experience when you prepare properly and have realistic expectations. Ensuring household chores, budgets, and utilities are managed and paid off in time is important. However, it’s also equally relevant to give one anther enough space to enjoy the things alone, such as reading, watching TV, or playing video games.

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